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Introducing the Windows 8 Product Editions. • Keep Windows settings, personal files, and app[lication]s: This install type equates to what used to be called an in-place upgrade. This means that virtually everything from your existing Windows installation, including applications—we’re not sure why Microsoft uses the termapps here—will come forward as the OS is upgraded to Windows 8. This is the most complete install type because nothing will be lost. And it’s available only to those who are currently running Windows 7.. Figure 2-17: The Windows Disc Image utility can help you create a bootable Windows Setup disc. [Картинка: i_030.jpg] Creating a Windows Setup Disc or Bootable USB Key with Windows 7 or Windows Vista. Once Windows 8 is installed, you will need to install Apple’s Boot Camp drivers in order to complete the installation. So you should insert the driver disc you created as part of the Boot Camp Assistant and let it do its thing, rebooting as required. From there, follow the general post-install advice provided earlier in this chapter.Of Mac Keyboards and Windows. Now, your PC’s boot process is measured in just a handful of seconds—under 20, certainly, and well under 10 for most SSD-based systems—and waking from sleep is near simultaneous. The lock screen is always present by default, whether you’re using your own PC or one from work. When you sign in—Microsoft no longer uses the termslog in orlog out—you’re presented with the new Metro-style Start screen, not the desktop. And the Metro environment in which the Start screen and new Metro-style apps run is the new shell. In Figure 3-1, you can see a selection of full-screen Metro experiences, including the new Start screen, PC Settings, and a representative Metro-style app.. You can access the Charms bar in a variety of ways, and as a top-level interface in Windows 8, it has simple triggers for all the major input types:. Of course, with the move to a Metro-like user experience, Windows 8 users will need to deal with a few Metro-related nuances when it comes to working with classic desktop applications. And the big two, in our experience, involve file associations and the pinning of applications to the Metro-style Start screen.Desktop Applications and File Associations. To exit semantic zoom, use the stretch gesture (a sort of“reverse pinch”) on a touch-based screen. Or, with a more traditional PC, type Esc or click on any empty spot on the screen.Customizing Individual Start Screen Tiles. To change your user account picture, navigate to PC Settings, Personalize, Account picture. Or, select Change account picture from the Start screen-based user tile in the upper-right corner of that screen. Either way, you’ll be presented with the screen in Figure 5-22.. If you’re a developer targeting Windows 8 with a new Metro-style app, you’ve got a lot of work ahead of you, not just in writing that app, but in conforming to a long list of app rules that Microsoft has devised. These rules exist for simple reasons: Metro-style apps need to be safe, perform quickly,and work well, and they need to offer users a unique value of some kind.. Like many other Metro-style apps, the People app supports the system-wide Search contract, so you can use this capability to find a particular contact whether you’re currently in the app or not.. • Set as … App tile: By default, the Photos app tile will shuffle through photos, presenting an animated view. But you can configure a single picture to be the permanent tile image if you’d like.. Chapter 13 discusses homegroups, which is a networking feature that makes home-based sharing easier than ever.. • Using Remote Desktop, Remote Desktop Connection, and Remote Desktop Host. include all of the business-oriented features and functionality that graced that product, often in upgraded or enhanced form. That means that it shares the same basic deployment tools, manageability, and other back-end technologies, as well as its general feature set..