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Don’t buy a Windows 8 PC that includes only USB 2.0 ports. Rated at throughput speeds of up to 5 Gbps, USB 3.0 is up to 10 times faster than USB 2.0 (480 Mbps), which can have a significant impact on the performance of certain peripherals, especially hard disks.. • Using new Windows Setup features. You’ll be presented with the window shown in Figure 2-25.. You can lock the PC at any time by typing Winkey + L. Note that this keyboard shortcut will lock the screen without any confirmation request. It’s immediate.. • Honesty of design: While some systems treat their users like idiots, Metro design specifies that user interfaces should be“authentically digital” and true to the system on which they run. That is, your $1,000 Ultrabook isn’t a paper-based calendar. Why should a calendar app be designed to resemble one? After all, most users today have never even used such a calendar, so that design is at best nostalgic and at worst inefficient. Instead, Metro designs are designed explicitly for the device form factor: a high-resolution, high-performance screen that could employ multi-touch interactions. On such a device, a calendar could look very different from that old-fashioned paper calendar that some companies seem tolike so much.. Figure 3-24: The new Back experience lets you switch to the previously used app easily. [Картинка: i_064.jpg] Switcher. Figure 3-28: Snapping an app [Картинка: i_068.jpg]. • Try: Click this button to download a trial version of a paid app.. Sites with encrypted connections will include a lock badge in the address bar, just as with the desktop version of IE. This control also works as a progress indicator while sites are loading.. • Automatically download external images: Can be on or off depending on the security settings of your e-mail provider.. To be fair, the reason so many people believed that Windows and Office

came together is that, for many, they did. Most people acquire both Windows and Office together with a new PC purchase and thus don’t draw a distinction between the two. The problem is, if you’re not paying attention at the time of that PC purchase, you may not get Office at all, or you may get a version of Office that you don’t want.. Figure 11-15: You can use secondary disks for File History as well. [Картинка: i_383.jpg]. If you lose your recovery key—forget the password or smartcard PIN, for example—it’s game over. There is literally no other recovery option available. Microsoft Support can’t help you.. As a Metro-style app, Remote Desktop offers a full-screen experience and lets you configure multiple remote connections, though you can only access one at a time. The Remote Desktop interface can be seen in Figure 14-14.. • DirectAccess: This is a more modern take on VPN functionality, letting remote users seamlessly access corporate network resources without dealing with the hassles common to VPN solutions. DirectAccess is based on the proven HTTPS (secure HTTP) tunneling technology Microsoft first used with Exchange Server. There’s no VPN configuring, connecting, and reconnecting. In fact, there’s no VPN at all. Instead, DirectAccess-enabled PCs are simply always connected, securely, to the corporate network. As long as you have an Internet connection, you’re in. And for the end user, there’s nothing to see or configure. You’re simply connected. And on the administrative side, IT pros and admins can configure which corporate resources are available to which users, and they can direct Internet-based network traffic as they see fit..

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