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For businesses and PC makers, it means that the tools and methods they use to blast Windows 8 images onto PCs will be familiar and efficient, and not require training. This, after all, is what Windows Setup was really made for anyway.. Now you’re ready to install Windows 8 in a dual-boot configuration. Reboot the computer, and boot it using the Setup media you previously acquired or created.. • Keyboard: You can’t directly access Back using the keyboard, but you can still use Windows Flip (Alt + Tab) or the new Switcher interface (Winkey + Tab), described shortly, to access recently used apps.. So why would you ever want to snap the desktop? The best reason we’ve seen is to monitor a download that’s occurring in a desktop-based web browser. But frankly, it’s not very useful otherwise.. • Sync settings on this PC: This global switch determines whether PC to PC sync is enabled on this PC. If this switch is set to off, none of the other settings will be available for syncing.. Figure 5-29: The Second Screen pane [Картинка: i_152.jpg]. • Uninstalling apps. With its Windows Store, Microsoft is following the app store model pioneered by Apple, sure, but it’s also providing a unique approach to what is now considered a key part of any new platform. This approach establishes the very important rules that all apps available from the store must follow, providing users with the assurances they need to trust these apps. But it also plays into one of Windows 8’s greatest strengths as a platform: These apps aren’t just isolated islands of functionality, but they can also integrate deeply into the OS, extending the capabilities of Windows 8 well into the future.. • Reliable: It sounds fairly obvious, but apps must be reliable and not stop working suddenly, end unexpectedly, or contain what Microsoft calls“programming errors.” Ignore the irony of that statement for a moment and consider why this is truly important: When you download an application from the web, there’s no quality guarantee at all, and if the application stops working or never works properly, you have no real mediation other than complaining to the developer. In Windows Store, there are community-based means of complaint—poor reviews and ratings in the store—and Microsoft, as the curator of the store, to complain to as well.. These app landing pages, like those for categories and lists, feature some common elements. These elements include:. As discussed at the beginning of this book, we consider these apps to be a key part of the full, or complete, Windows 8 experience. The good news is that they’re readily available from Windows Store. And all of them are free. So if they’re not available in your copy of Windows 8 for some reason, you can find them here.. Copying Files from the PC to SkyDrive. The Bing app is a Metro-based version of the Bing website, with a beautiful full-screen interface sporting Bing’s beloved “picture of the day,” a prominent search box, and links for searches that are popular right at this moment. You can see the Bing app in Figure 8-61.. Available app bar buttons include:. • Timeout: Your workplace can specify that if the device is left unused for a set period of time, it will be locked automatically..