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Somewhat embarrassingly (to Intel), x64 was invented by Intel competitor AMD, but once it was embraced by Microsoft for use in Windows, Intel had to jump aboard, too. So when we refer to x86/x64 chipsets, we’re referring to those that power all of the PCs made before late 2012: traditional, Intel-compatible, 32-bit or 64-bit microprocessors and supporting chips.NOTE. Finally, you’ll be asked to sign in to your PC, using a Microsoft account, as shown in Figure 2-14. You’ll see this regardless of whether you performed a clean install, upgrade, or migration using the web-based installer.. While there is no keyboard-based shortcut for enabling side-by-side mode, as you’ll discover next, there are keyboard shortcuts for modifying the presentation of side-by-side apps.. Notification toasts are far more subtle. They appear as small floating windows near the top right of the screen, as shown in Figure 4-18. If you don’t address this kind of notification, it will simply disappear.. While Windows Store can be accessed like any other Metro-style app, the store is also central to other Metro experiences, so you’ll find a few more entry points in Windows 8 as well. Here are some of the ways in which you can launch Windows Store:. To hide the edge UIs, simply perform the same swipe—or keyboard shortcut, or right-click, again. These things almost always work like a toggle.. • Address bar: This control works much like the address bar in the desktop version of Internet Explorer, but with some key differences. You can, of course, select the address bar to type any arbitrary URL, and then press Enter to start navigation. But IE Metro is unique because a full-screen view of Frequent and Pinned sites is displayed each time the address bar is selected. And as you type, these lists are filtered, on the fly. This feature is so cool, we discuss it more in the“Finding Favorites and Other Websites” section later in this chapter.. When you do select Move, most of the Mail app visually fades away, aside from the Folders view, so you can choose where you’d like to move the e-mail.Sending and Receiving New Mail. Keyboard users can zoom with Ctrl + – (zoom out) and Ctrl +“+” for zoom in (which is to say, Ctrl, Shift, and “+”).. Summary. The Most Basic Storage Spaces Configuration of All: One Disk, One Space, No Resiliency. On a single disk PC or device, like your typical portable computer, File History will recommend using a network location.. The placement and accessibility of this SIM port will vary from machine to machine. They’re generally well-hidden, hard to access, and only need to be fiddled with once (if at all): when you install the SIM card the first time.. Availability and cost of cellular data will also vary by wireless carrier, so you’ll want to consider your needs—that is, whether you’ll typically use the connectivity from the same basic location (home, work, the local coffee shop) or while traveling. That’s because cellular data coverage varies from place to place, and while certain carriers offer great coverage in one area, they may offer terrible coverage elsewhere, if at all.. • Printers and devices: When you configure a printer or other attached device for one PC, it can be made automatically available to all the other home PCs that join the homegroup..