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Figure 1-8: Beauty and brains: Ultrabooks have it all. [Картинка: i_009.jpg]. Virtually every aspect of this lock screen can be customized, and it provides what Microsoft calls a“glance and go” interface where you can glance at the screen even when the system is locked—indicated by the presence of the lock screen—and see information that is useful, such as the date and time and your next upcoming appointment.CROSSREF. Figure 3-10: The Windows desktop lives. [Картинка: i_050.jpg]. Figure 4-35: VHDs offer many more options than ISO files. [Картинка: i_114.jpg]. OK, you’ve got your multiple displays configured and oriented the way you like. But what about the desktop wallpaper and taskbar? By default, Windows 8 will simply duplicate both the wallpaper and taskbar across two or more displays, even if you’ve chosen the Extend view, which extends the desktop across the multiple displays. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could extend a panoramic wallpaper across the displays, or use a different picture for each display? And what about having the taskbar be unique to each display so that, say, the taskbar on the second display only shows buttons for the windows that are actually open on that display?. • Accessing content by category, list, or app. In fact, it’s very similar to how the Start screen works. Windows Store even supports the semantic zoom feature that’s also available in the Start screen. This feature lets you zoom out the display of the app and view it from afar, enabling you to gain a better understanding of its layout and navigate more quickly to a specific store category.. • Hyperlinked text: Right-click hyperlinked text, and you’ll see Copy Link, Open link in a new tab, and Open link.. Internet Explorer Settings is accessed by tapping the Settings link. As you can see in the aggregated view of this unique interface shown in Figure 7-27, which most likely won’t be completely viewable on your screen and will need to be scrolled vertically to see all the options, there’s a lot going on here.. That is, they rely on online services in ways that are pervasive and necessary. So with People, you will not manage contacts that are local to that one PC. Instead, you will manage contacts that are stored in one or more cloud-based services. Ditto for Mail, Calendar, and Messaging. None of these apps works only with local data. (In fact, none work with local data at all.). In any event, the bundled version of Office includes the following solutions:. The Games group provides a similar treatment for Xbox 360 video games, with some tiles for individual games that link to landing pages for those titles, as well as a Discover Games tile that loads the Xbox Games Store in the Xbox Games app.Music. • Using HomeGroup to share resources on a home network. In Windows 8, network location is handled differently and, believe it or not, it’s even easier than before. Now, there are only two states, and instead of forcing the user to think about the network type, you choose between whether you want to share or connect to devices. We explain this functionality and how to configure it on a per-connection basis in the next section.. Figure 13-3: Available wireless networks are displayed in the Networks pane. [Картинка: i_416.jpg].