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can windows defender be disabled where windows store games are installed

Figure 1-2: ARM designs are integrated into what is called system on a chip, or SoC. [Картинка: i_003.jpg]. In Windows 8, the traditional Windows Setup routine doesn’t solve these issues, and it works much like that of its predecessor. But the new web-based installerdoes solve these issues, and it does so in the most obvious way possible: It integrates both the Upgrade Advisor and Windows Easy Transfer directly into Setup, making these processes not just discoverable but obvious and unavoidable.. Step-by-Step: Installing Windows 8. Virtually every aspect of this lock screen can be customized, and it provides what Microsoft calls a“glance and go” interface where you can glance at the screen even when the system is locked—indicated by the presence of the lock screen—and see information that is useful, such as the date and time and your next upcoming appointment.CROSSREF. If you’re using an older or nonstandard keyboard that doesn’t have a Windows key, try Ctrl + Esc instead.. You can also group Start screen tiles. To create a new group, select a tile and move it to the far left or right of the current group until you see a new group bar appear as in Figure 5-13; this is your indication that dropping the tile there will create a new group.. For example, in Windows Vista and 7, you could configure the color of the transparent or“glass” parts of File Explorer windows (and, in Windows 7, the taskbar) to match the underlying desktop background. So if you set up your desktop to cycle through a favorite set of photos from a recent trip to Ireland, for example, you might change the window color to a pleasant green to match.. The only way to access Favorites in IE Metro is via search: Select the address bar and start typing. As you do, the navigation tiles at the top of the display change to display search results that match what you’re typing. And these results comprise four things: frequently accessed sites, pinned sites, very popular websites, and … wait for it … your Favorites. You can see this effect in Figure 7-10.. • Download email from: The range of pasted e-mail to download to your PC.. • More: This button triggers a pop-up menu with more choices, including Bulleted list, Numbered list, Undo, and Redo.. • Camera options: Click this button to see a pop-up display with three options that will be consistent across all Windows 8 PCs: Photo/Video resolution, Audio device, and Video stabilization, though not all options will be configurable on all PCs. You can also click a More link here to view additional camera options. What you see in that interface will vary from PC to PC, but some of the more common options include Brightness, Contrast, Flicker, and Exposure.. If you are signing in to a PC with a domain or local account, there are some changes you can make to provide you with the best possible experience. Which you do will depend somewhat on whether you’re currently signing in to Windows 8 with a local account or a domain account. These changes include:. Under the hood, of course, Microsoft’s decades-long commitment to system security continues. This version of Windows includes the same anti-malware technology, firewall, User Account Control, and other security features that made Windows 7 the most secure version of Windows yet. And then they turned it up a notch by adding two crucial new features: Antivirus is now included in the OS, finally, so you won’t need to add that separately. And the SmartScreen protection feature that the company debuted in Internet Explorer 9 is now part of Windows, so you’re protected even if you use competing browsers.. Comparing this list to that of a wireless network, you may have noticed that the Turn sharing on or off option is unavailable. This makes sense since a cellular data connection, by definition, cannot connect you to your local network. It is instead used to connect to the Internet directly and thus will always be public.. Figure 14-7: By default, BitLocker-protected disks require you to enter a password or PIN each time they’re first accessed. [Картинка: i_437.jpg] Encryption in Windows RT.