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can windows defender check for updates what windows to open to cool house

In Windows Setup, there are two critical points where you must choose correctly:. Windows 8 can also be installed in various advanced configurations, including dual- and multi-boot, where multiple versions of Windows sit side by side on a single PC. It can be installed on a Mac in a variety of ways. It can be installed in virtual machines, and it can be installed to a bootable, self-contained USB flash drive in a new configuration called Windows to Go.. While the touch-friendly Metro-style user experience is clearly the big story in Windows 8, most Windows users have a rich history with the Windows desktop and the many, many applications and utilities that have run in this environment for years. Fortunately, all of these things are still available in Windows 8, since this OS includes an updated and enhanced version of the traditional Windows desktop environment, its File Explorer file manager, and the other related capabilities Windows users know and love. And this is true whether you’re using a traditional desktop PC or laptop, or a newfangled tablet computer or hybrid PC, and whether you’re using Windows 8 or Windows RT.NOTE. To recap, you can rename an individual file by selecting it and pressing F2, by selecting it and then clicking it again with the mouse, or via touch by selecting it and then tapping it again. When a file is in rename mode, its name is highlighted as shown in Figure 4-28. If you start typing now, you will replace the current name with whatever you type.. OK, fine. But with Windows 8 doing away with the Start menu, you may be wondering how you can accomplish the same feat in the new operating system version.. Figure 8-62: Bing’s more visual view of today’s big searches [Картинка: i_290.jpg]. As with elsewhere in the book, we focus only on new features in Windows 8, and not on functionality that remains unchanged from previous Windows versions. Again, the assumption is that you know how to use Windows and want to get up to speed on the new stuff.. The Windows 8 video experience revolves around a new Metro-style app, called Xbox Video, and some traditional Windows applications—Windows Media Player and Windows Media Center for playback and Movie Maker for video editing and sharing—which carry over from Windows 7.. Storage Spaces is easy to set up and configure, and once you do that, you can pretty much just get on with life and not worry about it anymore. Storage Spaces also integrates with File Explorer, much like libraries do. This means you get a normal view of the storage from Explorer, and it uses a normal, widely understood drive letter, appearing to look and work just like a simple hard drive. This is useful for users, but also for the OS and any applications, since they’ll expect such things. This means the compatibility of Storage Spaces is excellent.. Once you’ve configured File History to your liking, click Save changes to return to the main File History screen and then click Turn on. File History will indicate that it is saving copies of your files for the first time, but you are free to close the window, get back to work, and do other things. You can pretty much forget about File History until you need it.. Critics and conspiracy theorists will point out, correctly, that Push Button Reset isn’t a complete PC recovery solution because it doesn’t help at all with traditional, Explorer-based applications like Microsoft Office and Photoshop. And that’s a fair enough statement, though if Windows 8 is truly successful, these types of applications will soon only be used by power users and business users for the most part. So Push Button Reset, combined with other data backup features in Windows 8, does present a fairly complete solution for most average users, especially as they replace their old applications with new Metro-style apps over time.. There’s not a heck of a lot to do here. Configured properly, Defender’s real-time protection against viruses and malware will be enabled, and its virus and malware definitions—part of its ability to detect errant software—should be up to date. You can manually update the definitions from the Update tab, but it’s unlikely there’s an issue here unless the PC has been offline for weeks or longer.. As with any full-screen notification, you’ll want to deal with this before proceeding. And while SmartScreen can certainly suffer from false positives, our advice is to think very carefully before just dismissing this. It’s warning you for a reason.. Put simply, Windows 8 treats cellular data just like your smartphone does, neatly bridging the connectivity gap between those small and highly portable devices and the monolithic PCs of the past.. Domain Join and Group Policy.