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Because of the differences in various ARM-based platforms, the Windows RT machines you see on the market are actually slightly different from each other under the hood, and Microsoft and its partners essentially have to custom-craft the OS and applications for each device. For this reason, Windows RT devices are sold almost like appliances, and there’s a tight integration between the device and its software.. Once the full set of installation files are downloaded, Setup will check the integrity of the downloaded files. This is important because large chunks of the Setup process occur when the PC is offline and once it begins, there’s no way to elegantly recover should a corrupt file be encountered.. Before digging into individual interfaces, it’s helpful to know that Windows 8 exposes many of these user interfaces in different ways depending on whether you’re using the keyboard, mouse, or your fingers on a multi-touch screen. And yes, in most cases, all three input types are available.. If you’ve bet big on Metro and would like to stay out of the desktop environment as much as possible, you of course have our best wishes. And you can of course start by removing the tiles for the Desktop and any other desktop applications (like File Explorer) that may exist on your Start Screen. Good luck, seriously.. Navigating the Store’s Home Screen. You can still pin websites to the Windows 8 taskbar. But you will do this separately, from the desktop version of IE.. Figure 8-13: The What’s new view provides a way to easily keep up with your friends and other contacts’ activities. [Картинка: i_241.jpg]. The Threads pane also includes a prominent New message link which lets you start a new conversation with a contact.. Figure 8-42: The People chooser lets you pick a contact to communicate with. [Картинка: i_270.jpg]. Would you prefer to open that document in Microsoft Office on your PC? You’ll have to download it first, as discussed next.. After fighting against the tide of Adobe’s popular PDF document format for years, Microsoft has finally given in and created its own Windows PDF reader app. Dubbed Windows Reader, this great little app works as expected and is a lightweight and fast alternative to Adobe’s bloated Reader application, even for those who prefer to sticklargely with desktop applications.. • Automatic maintenance: Like previous Windows versions, Windows 8 will automatically run a scheduled maintenance routine at a set time, 3:00 a.m. What’s changed in Windows 8 is that this activity is now tracked by Action Center to ensure that it completes successfully. But you can use the Start maintenance link to run a manual check or Change maintenance settings to configure a new time.. • Yes, turn on sharing and connect to devices. For home or work networks.. 3Grefers to the third-generation cellular data networks that are now considered the baseline—that is, the slowest—for such networks.. Vice President and Executive Publisher: Neil Edde.