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• Adaptive screen brightness control: In the past, controlling screen brightness was at best semi-automatic. You could manually configure a brightness setting in Power Options. Or those with portable computers could use power modes to automatically change the screen brightness to one of two settings, depending on whether the machine was attached to power. In Windows 8, the situation is much more sophisticated, and if you have a PC or device with an ambient light sensor (ALS), Windows 8 will automatically change the brightness of the screen on the fly. This capability is better for your eyes and for readability, but it can also improve battery life when you use the PC or device in a dimly lit area.. With Windows 8, Microsoft expects a mix of both traditional PC sales and retail upgrades, again because Windows 8 does not exceed the system requirements of its own predecessor. And many users will simply purchase a Windows 8-based device, such as a tablet, and then upgrade their existing PC as well so that they can take advantage of this Windows version’s excellent PC-to-PC sync and integration capabilities. So, since many users would still be installing Windows 8 on their own going forward, Microsoft has evolved the Windows Setup process yet again. And this time, finally, we think they got it right.. We’re not buying into this. In the interests of clarity, we’re naming things. And in those places where Microsoft refuses to name names, we’re giving them names. And sometimes we’re deviating from the way Microsoft does things. But to be clear, we’re doing this for you, to make things obvious and simpler, and to prevent clever or lengthy turns of word that would annoy all of us.. In case it’s not obvious, all of these methods for accessing the new Start experience from the desktop work like a toggle. So when you’re on the desktop and engage it, using any available method, you will navigate to the Start screen. But if you immediately repeat that step, without launching any other apps, you’ll navigateback to the desktop.. These capabilities largely come forward in Windows 8, which for the most part provides a superset of the multitasking and task-switching capabilities in Windows 7. But because Windows 8 includes the new Metro-style environment and full-screen Metro-style apps, there are a few differences.. The permissions list is worth looking at. Many apps will require access to your Internet connection, but some of the other possible

permissions include access to your home or work network, your music library, and the like.. Internet Explorer 10 for Metro. Of course, you probably only have one search provider, Bing, installed on your PC. To install another search provider—the reason you’re reading this—click the Find more search providers link at the bottom of the window. This will load the Internet Explorer Gallery website where you will then need to find and install a service provider.. You can also navigate through your schedule using browser-like“back” and “forward” commands. To move back or forward in time through your schedule, you can swipe the screen in either direction or use the Internet Explorer-like keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + Left Arrow and Ctrl + Right Arrow (for back and forward, respectively). Or, when you move the mouse around on-screen, you’ll see small navigational arrows appear near the top left and top right of the screen. Click one to navigate in either direction.. The Threads pane also includes a prominent New message link which lets you start a new conversation with a contact.. Xbox Games is a standard, horizontally oriented, Metro-style user experience, but with one twist. Yes, it’s divided into a series of groups that extend from left to right, like other Metro experiences. As with the Xbox entertainment apps, Music, and Video, Xbox Games does not start up oriented at the left edge of its extended, multi-screen user interface. So while you can scroll to the right when you first enter the app, you can also, oddly, scroll to the left.. Figure 10-17: A game landing page for an Xbox 360 title [Картинка: i_358.jpg]. Or you could use a third-party service such as CrashPlan—which we’re both using because of its low cost and excellent performance—Carbonite, or similar.. Note that these users must be already configured for use on the PC, as they will sign in to their custom environment when they access the PC remotely.. Second, Windows 8 provides support for the edge UIs mentioned previously to mouse users via new“hot corners” on the screen. Since these interfaces are so central to using Windows 8 effectively, we discuss them fairly extensively in Chapter 3 and then again in Chapter 4. But a quick overview is provided here..

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