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can windows games run on mac where is windows xp device manager

We discuss this latter activity in the next section.. Note, too, that Windows 8 will sometimes assign a default graphics driver and not use an up-to-date, optimized driver. You will know this is the case if Windows isn’t using the full resolution of your display. Right-click the Windows desktop and choose Screen resolution to check. If you can’t select the appropriate resolution, you’ll need to update the graphics driver too, even if it’s not banged out in Device Manager.Next, Install Core Applications. • Choose a default operating system: By default, your PC will boot into the most recently installed OS if the menu timer expires. With this option, you can choose a different Windows version as the default.. You may recall from previous Windows versions that an Auto Play window would appear when you plugged in an external storage device like a USB-based hard drive. In Windows 8, Auto Play is now a Metro-based experience. So when you plug in an external drive, you’ll see the interface in Figure 3-36.. • Configuring accounts and Windows Store preferences. To select multiple messages, right-click them in turn in the Mailbox folder pane. Once the messages you want are selected, you can apply actions such as Mark as Read, Mark as Unread, Move, and Delete to them. These all occur through Mail’s app bar.. The Photos app, shown in Figure 9-2, is a typical, full-screen, Metro-style experience, with large tiles representing the photos on your PC, in various online services, and on your other connected PCs.. Using the Camera App. Second, even if you have Windows 8 Pro, Media Center isn’t free: You can buy it for a small fee from Microsoft using the new Add Features to Windows interface. (You can easily find this through Start Search.) Why bother? If you have to ask, you don’t want Media Center. And frankly, the world has moved on anyway.. Xbox LIVE and Windows 8. Figure 10-25: The Videos group in Xbox Companion [Картинка: i_366.jpg] Games. With Windows 8 aimed squarely at a Metro-styled future, it’s no wonder that the new Windows 8 game experiences are Metro-based as well. This version of Windows offers a stunning array of games of all kinds through the Windows Store, provides handy organizational features for those who wish to access their favorite games from the Start screen, and of course it integrates with Microsoft’s market-leading Xbox LIVE service for the first time, offering access to the full range of gaming and entertainment services that Microsoft previously provided only on its Xbox 360 console. There are also fun hooks in Windows 8 for controlling the Xbox 360 and finding content that can be played to the console, with your Windows 8 device acting like a big and sophisticated remote control.. If you are signing in to a PC with a domain or local account, there are some changes you can make to provide you with the best possible experience. Which you do will depend somewhat on whether you’re currently signing in to Windows 8 with a local account or a domain account. These changes include:. To enable the Guest account, select Manage another account from the main User Accounts control panel. Then, in the Manage Accounts screen, choose Guest. (Its icon will note that the Guest account is off.). Rafael Rivera.