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can windows have multiple desktops what is johari windows

Table 1-10: Business FeaturesFeatureWindows 8Windows 8 ProWindows RTBitLocker and BitLocker To Go-Yes-Boot from VHD-Yes-Client Hyper-V-Yes-Domain Join-Yes-Encrypting File System (EFS)-Yes-Group Policy-Yes-Remote Desktop (host)-Yes-Remote Desktop (client)YesYesYesVPN clientYesYesYesOffline Files-Yes-. • Using the new File Explorer. While Microsoft has used both ISO and VHD file formats to distribute evaluation and even final versions of Windows and other software in the past, it’s never really formally supported these formats in Windows to any major degree. The one exception is ISO burning support: Starting with Windows 7, you can burn ISO files to disc natively with the integrated Windows Disc Image Burner utility. (This capability also exists in Windows 8, as you’d expect.) But you couldn’t browse into them as you would with a physical disk.. With Windows 8, Microsoft has removed the translucent glass effects of Windows Aero and replaced it with a more opaque and flat new Explorer desktop theme. But that doesn’t mean you can’t customize the look of the desktop to your heart’s content.. • PCs and devices: The same Windows 8 apps can run on both traditional PCs (e.g., Intel x86) and new Windows RT-based (ARM) devices. However, app makers are not forced to support both, and you will see some apps that run only on one platform or the other.. Mouse users can activate the Charms bar by moving the mouse cursor to the upper right (or lower right) of the screen and then moving the cursor along the right edge of the screen toward the middle. Then click the Settings charm.. OK, so you know how to handle the situations where you’re in IE Metro and want (or need) to load a page from desktop IE. But what about launching IE Metro from desktop IE?. Managing E-mail. Figure 8-30: Calendar’s week view [Картинка: i_258.jpg]. Windows 8 offers far too many ways to customize the system, but we cover this functionality inChapter 5 if you can’t get enough.Live Tile on the Start Screen. Messaging. Understanding the SkyDrive App. Windows 8 includes such a feature. It’s called Storage Spaces, and it works with both NTFS- and ReFS-formatted disks, providing a safe, secure, and redundant way for you to provision, manage, and use storage that spans multiple disks, replicating your data automatically.. In fact, all of the Storage Spaces examples used in this chapter were done on a Windows 8-based tablet computer connected to a dock that had several USB 3.0-based hard drives chained to it through a USB 3.0-based extender.. • Complexity: It’s not hard to guess that a picture password that uses a person’s headshot as the picture most likely involves poking both eyes and making a smile across the lips. Be more creative than that and use a photo that is more complex, with less obvious points of interest..