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And as noted earlier in the chapter, some Windows 8 features simply aren’t available on Windows RT. These include individual applications such as Windows Media Player and Windows Media Center, as well as lower-level features such as Storage Spaces and BitLocker. (Windows RT overcomes the latter limitation with its own, unique full-device encryption functionality, however.). Do you need Windows Media Center, perhaps for a living room–based DVR (digital video recorder) solution?. Search: This charm provides easy access to the system-wide search functionality in Windows 8. It’s context-sensitive, so if you tap it from the Start screen or Windows desktop, it will trigger the new Start Search experience, which lets you find apps (and applications), settings, and files on your PC. But if you access this charm from within an app, you will instead search that app. For example, you can use this to search for e-mail from within the Mail app.. But what about when things go wrong? One of the most common things that can happen during a file copy or move operation is that one or more of the files involved in the operation already exists in the destination folder. So Windows has always offered up a dialog or window in these situations, asking the user what to do.. With a mouse, move the mouse cursor in the lower-right corner of the screen and click the tiny semantic zoom button, which can be seen in Figure 5-16. This tiny button will immediately place the screen into semantic zoom view as well.. The PC Settings interface provides an obvious and discoverable way to customize many aspects of Windows 8, so there’s no need to step through every conceivable option. That said, there are a few you may want to pay special attention to. And these are as follows:. For some reason, this window is titled Internet Properties when you launch it from Control Panel and Internet Options when you do so from IE. Ah, Microsoft, thy name is consistency.. The default view is pretty basic, and pretty obvious. But there is a fun hidden feature that makes it much easier to navigate through a huge list of contacts: Just tap any letter. To jump to the contacts that start withF, for example, just typeF. The view will change, as shown in Figure 8-7.. These simple controls should all be pretty familiar. The timeline scrubber is a big, touch-friendly control that takes the guesswork out of finding the right place in a video, even on a tablet. And Play/Pause works exactly as expected.. Windows 8 can, of course, run traditional Windows games that run under the desktop and provide full-screen experiences as well. The capabilities listed here are in addition to legacy features.. If the Windows Store has a problem, it’s that it gets overloaded pretty quickly. Curiously, it’s lacking a subcategory called Xbox LIVE, which would show both full-featured Xbox LIVE game titles as well as the smaller, indie-type Xbox LIVE Arcade games that many users are looking for. Fortunately, Windows 8 provides another sneaky way to peek into Windows Store and find only those types of games. We’ll discuss that in the next section after a brief explanation of the Xbox LIVE service and why it’s so important.. The Game Activity group, shown in Figure 10-20, provides a grid of the games you most recently played across all of the platforms on which Xbox LIVE is supported, in reverse order.. And go figure, FAT lives on today with a version of the system called exFAT that is used almost exclusively on flash storage devices.. • Switch to a local account/Switch to a Microsoft account: If you’re signed in with a Microsoft account, there is a Switch to a local account button that will let you do just that, albeit at the expense of losing all of the included functionality one gets with such an account type. If you are signed in with a local account, however, you will see a Switch to a Microsoft account button instead.. Figure 14-11: Virtual machines are often run in a window so you can access the host machine simultaneously. [Картинка: i_441.jpg].