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While there is no keyboard-based shortcut for enabling side-by-side mode, as you’ll discover next, there are keyboard shortcuts for modifying the presentation of side-by-side apps.. Put simply, the File Explorer ribbon is something that new users should leave displayed until they’re comfortable with the new interface. But power users will likely want to keep it hidden and enjoy the simpler interface afforded by this configuration.NOTE. Figure 4-24: The new file copy/move experience in Windows 8 [Картинка: i_103.jpg]. Tiles that represent websites, traditional Windows applications, or Explorer locations support only the smaller, square tile size. These types of tiles are not live: They provide the name of the app or experience only, and some icon. That’s it.. Summary. • Price filter: With this widget, you can filter by price with available choices being free, free and trial, and paid.. Figure 6-11: An app landing page [Картинка: i_175.jpg]. To add a contact to favorites, open that person’s contact view, display the app bar, and then click Favorite. When you return to the main view of the app, that contact will have been added to the favorites area on the left.NOTE. One of the neatest things you can do, of course, is interact with your contacts by leaving comments and other feedback to their posts. What you can do varies from account type to account type. For example, you can also choose to“like” a Facebook post, mark a

Twitter “tweet” as a favorite, or “retweet” something you see on Twitter. To do any of this, find a post you like and click it. It will display full screen, as in Figure 8-14, providing a more complete view that includes others’ comments as well as whatever actions are available.. • Send: Click this button to send the message.. Working with Threads. • Set as … Lock screen: While you can always use the PC Settings interface to select a favorite photo for your lock screen image, oftentimes you’ll think to do this while actually viewing photos. This menu item, found by tapping the Set as button, lets you do so.. Unfortunately, finding Media Center is a bit problematic.. In previous Windows versions, you could interrupt the Windows boot process by holding down the F8 key immediately after the BIOS screen and before the Windows loading animation. If you did it just right, you’d enter the Windows Recovery Environment.. Time stood still for a moment while I pondered this question. And though I replied,“To be fair, it’s padded with screenshots,” to laughs, the question hung in my mind for some time to come..

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