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What about Windows RT? This ARM-based version of Windows 8 comes only with new hardware and cannot be purchased in software-only form, either in retail packaging or electronically, as with Windows 8. So the only Windows Setup experience you’ll have will involve the so-called out-of-box experience, or OOBE, that’s discussed later in the chapter. But since that bit is so obvious, Windows RT users can feel free to skip much of the information in this chapter.. • Apple iTunes: The compatibility checker is nice enough to remind you to de-authorize your iTunes account from within the iTunes application before continuing. However, you should remember that some other applications will need to be de-authorized as well, including some from Adobe, such as Photoshop.. Figure 3-32: Notifications can be configured separately for the lock screen, too. [Картинка: i_072.jpg] NOTE. The Start screen is unique for many reasons. As the new default user interface for Windows 8 and the place by which you will launch and, via their live tile updates, monitor your running apps, it’s the central dashboard that many users will face, literally, each day. Not surprisingly, it offers a number of useful customizations. Oddly, however, these customizations can occur through two interfaces. That is, some of the customizations occur through PC Settings, as with other Metro features. But some occur directly from within the Start screen itself.Changing the Start Screen Theme. Figure 7-27: Internet Explorer Settings [Картинка: i_225.jpg]. If you find yourself interacting with a certain contact frequently, you can pin that person’s contact tile to your Start screen for quick access. To do so, open that person’s contact view, display the app bar, and then click Pin to Start. You’ll be shown a preview of the tile, as shown in Figure 8-10, and be provided with a chance to edit the tile name.. • Accounts pane: This leftmost pane provides access to each configured account and to the e-mail folders contained within each. (Only the folders for the currently selected account are shown.) The number of unread messages will appear next to the Inbox folder heading. Or, if you have multiple accounts, next to the link for that account. In Figure 8-17, you can see the accounts pane in Mail as it looks configured for three different accounts.. Messaging provides a reasonably useful

snapped experience by which you can snap the app to the left or right side of the screen alongside another Metro-style app or the Windows desktop. In this mode, only one of Messaging’s panes can be seen at a time, as shown in Figure 8-45.. • Navigation: In Two pages and One page view, you can swipe left and right, use the left and right arrow keys, or click the pop-up navigational controls that appear to move through the document.. Next, let’s examine what your Xbox LIVE account provides.Xbox LIVE Accounts. When this happens, the Xbox Companion app switches to the full-screen display shown in Figure 10-26. (This will of course vary depending on the content type you’ve chosen.). Note that by default, Storage Spaces selects 2.72 TB (or roughly 3 TB) for the maximum size of the space, even though the total pool capacity is twice that. That’s because that’s the natural size of the mirrored disks: the combined size halved, so that each bit of data will be equally replicated across both physical disks. You can of course increase the logical size now and add physical storage later if and when it’s needed. In fact, you can basically make it as big as you want. (You can also increase or otherwise change the space’s maximum size later if needed.). You access Airplane Mode from two different locations. The easiest is the Networks pane (Winkey + I, Network). As you can see in Figure 13-13, it’s the toggle right at the top of the pane. So if you’re on an airplane, literally, or wish to otherwise disengage the various antennas in the device to preserve battery life, this is your go-to toggle.. Long story short, you should use your homegroup for all home network-based sharing activities when possible: It’s simpler, more powerful, and it’s automatic. But if you are still using older Windows PCs on your network, Network explorer will make their shared resources available to you as well… as long you know the credentials.. Acknowledgments.

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