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For businesses and PC makers, it means that the tools and methods they use to blast Windows 8 images onto PCs will be familiar and efficient, and not require training. This, after all, is what Windows Setup was really made for anyway.. Each Windows Setup disc or download also comes with an associated product key, a complex, 25-digit sequence of letters and numbers that you must manually enter accurately before Setup will continue and, later, activate Windows. With the web-based installer, this product key is tied to your Microsoft account and automatically applied to the install during setup. It’s yet another thing you don’t need to be worried about.. • Sync your settings: This is the most important set of settings, arguably, in PC Settings and is directly tied to why signing in with a Microsoft account is such a big deal. This one is important enough that we describe it in the next section of this chapter,“Customizing Settings and Settings Sync.”. • Orientation: You can choose between landscape, portrait, landscape (flipped) and portrait (flipped) orientations, which can be handy for those displays that can be rotated.. • Multiple displays: This drop-down works much like the Second Screen pane described in the previous section. It lets you choose between the same four options, though they are annoyingly described somewhat differently: Duplicate these displays (Duplicate), Extend these displays (Extend), Show desktop only on 1 (PC screen only), and Show desktop only on 2 (Second screen only).Fine-Tuning Multi-Monitor Configuration. Figure 6-26: The Your apps interface provides a handy front end to, well, your apps. [Картинка: i_190.jpg]. As with other areas of Windows Store, you can filter this view, in this case in two unique ways. You can view all of the apps you’ve downloaded or just the ones you downloaded on a particular PC. And you can sort by apps that aren’t installed on the current PC, by date, or by name.. The app categories and the apps that fall within each are listed below:. First, open the desktop version of Internet Explorer, as you can’t change search providers using IE Metro. Now open the Tools menu by clicking the gear icon in the upper-right corner of the window (or type Alt + T); then, click Manage Add-ons. This opens the Manage Add-ons window.. Microsoft is in the process of replacing Hotmail with a new web-based e-mail service called It works similarly to Hotmail.. The simplest possible Storage Spaces configuration involves just one (additional) disk, which you will use to create a single storage pool that can then be divided into one or more storage spaces; we’ll use one to keep things simple.. In Windows 8, Action Center now tracks these additional items:. Sharing Files, Media, and Printers at Home with HomeGroup. VHD Shell Integration. • Slide to drag: With some Windows 8 user experiences, you can tap and hold an item and then drag it to a new location on-screen by swiping your finger slowly in whatever direction you wish to go. This action, which is commonly used for rearranging tiles on the new Windows 8 Start screen, can be seen in Figure 3 and is similar to using a mouse to drag an item around..