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Figure 2-2: Cross your fingers. You could be lucky here. [Картинка: i_015.jpg]. Summary. • Visual positioning and orientation of the displays: You can move the graphical representations of the displays in the window to approximate how the physical displays they represent are in fact oriented in real life (Figure 5-31). Because you will need to move the mouse cursor from screen to screen, it makes sense to line up the displays so that they work onscreen as they do in real life.. • Respect privacy: If an app needs to publish your personal information to a third-party service, it must provide an opt-in mechanism so that you, the user, can explicitly OK this behavior before it happens. And the description provided must accurately explain how the information will be used or share and provide a way through which you can later rescind your permission. Apps that collect personal information must provide a privacy policy that explains how the developer is safeguarding your information.. Figure 7-14: You can zoom in to a text column or other on-screen area by double-tapping it. [Картинка: i_212.jpg]. We wish IE Metro were a bit more sophisticated about this. But you’ll quickly learn, and remember, that IE Metro can’t work with add-ons. So you’ll have to do something different, like load that page in desktop IE and see if it just works. Chances are it will.. Figure 8-10: Pinning a contact to the Start screen [Картинка: i_238.jpg]. Figure 8-11: A frequently-accessed contact appearing as a live tile on the Start screen [Картинка: i_239.jpg] Search: Finding Contacts. • Respond: Click to reply, reply to all, or forward the currently selected e-mail message.. • Map Style: Maps supports two display styles, Road View, which is the default, and Aerial View. You can toggle this view with the Map Style button in the app bar.Find Your Own Location. Figure 9-30: The full-screen Now Playing experience showing only the Now Playing

area [Картинка: i_322.jpg]. • Rights for up to five PCs and/or devices: One of the many upsides to Microsoft’s Windows Store requirements for Metro-style games is that you have the right to install a purchased game on as many as five Windows 8 PCs and/or devices, each of which needs to be associated with your Microsoft account. This is in sharp contrast to retail video games, which are almost always licensed for use on just one PC.. What each of the groups in the Xbox Companion app has in common is that all of them lead you to one unavoidable outcome: Eventually, you’re going to come across music, or a game, TV show, or movie that you will want to play on the Xbox 360 console. And while the experience differs slightly from content type to content type, in general the effect is the same: You click the Play on Xbox 360 button and Xbox Companion connects to your console, after asking if you mind interrupting your current (Xbox 360) session if you’re currently running an app or game on the console.. While a single-disk storage space has some value, the inability to add resiliency at a later date seriously hampers that kind of configuration. As far as we’re concerned, the real value of Storage Spaces begins when you have two or more disks you can use in a mirrored setup. This configuration will automatically replicate data between two disks, providing you with some measure of protection in the event of a hard disk failure.. • Tap: To open an item, simply tap it with your finger, as shown in Figure 1. This works identically to clicking the item with the mouse..

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