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can windows run quicktime where is windows media center

• Boot the PC with your Windows Setup media: You will most likely need to interrupt your PC’s boot process in order to boot from a USB memory key, especially. But this could be true for a bootable DVD as well. Consult your PC documentation—or pay attention when the BIOS screen appears—to discover how this works on your particular machine.. Figure 3-27: Snap: Simple screen sharing [Картинка: i_067.jpg]. Figure 3-35: Printer settings [Картинка: i_075.jpg]. File Explorer debuted (as Windows Explorer) in Windows 95, but Windows has of course always had a graphical interface for managing files and folders. In fact, even the first version of Windows, dating all the way back to 1985, included a basic file manager application called MS-DOS Executive.. Figure 5-7: There it is: a way to disable the lock screen. [Картинка: i_130.jpg]. Tiles that represent websites, traditional Windows applications, or Explorer locations support only the smaller, square tile size. These types of tiles are not live: They provide the name of the app or experience only, and some icon. That’s it.. With that out of the way, you can examine the entire list of settings groups, each of which can be enabled for syncing or not. Microsoft is nice enough to list some of the features that are synced with each group, but not all of them. That’s where we come in: In the list that follows you’ll find a much more complete list of the features that get synced with each group.. Each category has its own landing page that provides a list of the apps within that category that are sortable by subcategories, prices, and/or other criteria (noteworthy, newest, highest rating, lowest price, and highest price). Accessing a category landing page, curiously, isn’t very obvious: You need to tap or click the category title on the Windows Store home screen.. As with other mobile, touch-based systems, Windows 8 includes a simple Camera app that works with the camera (or, in the case of some modern devices, thecameras) that is included in (or attached to) your PC or device. This app lets you capture still pictures and short movies. It’s not quite as useful as, say, a camera in a smartphone, but it’s there if you need it.. Clicking the title of the Spotlight or Most Popular group will provide a view similar to that of My Music. This is a rather paltry front end to what Microsoft claims is an online storefront of approximately 30 million tracks either way, but as you can see in Figure 9-33 it is, at least, simple.. Again, you can find Xbox LIVE games in the Xbox Games app.. Figure 11-23: Do it quick… or do it right. [Картинка: i_391.jpg]. • Yes, turn on sharing and connect to devices. For home or work networks.. Further Configuring a Cellular Data Connection. By default, remote desktop connections are not allowed for security reasons. To enable this type of connection, choose one of the following options instead:.