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• Keep personal files only: This will perform what we used to call a migration, meaning that Setup will save everything in your personal folders (all of your documents, desktop files, and so on, as well as those for any other user accounts), wipe out the current Windows version, perform a clean install, and then copy the personal files back. What you lose with this type of install are your custom settings and your installed applications. This option is available to all supported Windows versions, including Windows 7, Windows Vista (all versions), and Windows XP with Service Pack 3.. There’s a lot going on here, but the highlights include:. Generally speaking, it makes sense to configure icons for apps like Mail, which will show you how many new e-mail messages you’ve received, and Messaging, which will likewise show you how many instant messages you’ve missed.. • Productivity: Perhaps the broadest category aside from games, this category includes apps related to productivity, including note-taking solutions like OneNote and Evernote, word processors and other document editors, cloud storage, and much, much more.. Figure 6-26: The Your apps interface provides a handy front end to, well, your apps. [Картинка: i_190.jpg]. You can still pin websites to the Windows 8 taskbar. But you will do this separately, from the desktop version of IE.. Figure 7-20: Printing occurs via the Metro-style Devices interface. [Картинка: i_218.jpg]. If ever there were a poster child for the dual—one might say dueling—nature of the Windows 8 user experiences, it’s Internet Explorer 10. As with the OS on which it runs, Internet Explorer 10 offers two separate but complementary user experiences: a standard Windows application that runs in the desktop environment and a touch-first, Metro-style app.. Figure 8-18: Mail accounts settings [Картинка: i_246.jpg]. • Forward: Fast forward the currently playing track.. In addition to the onscreen controls, you can display the app bar during playback to access more playback controls and other options. This app bar is shown in Figure 9-44.. Chapter 10. that this option will not appear when there is only one drive in a space.. • Using Airplane Mode. • Accessing virtual machines with Hyper-V Virtual Machine Connection.