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• Animation and motion: Interfaces come to life with animation and other motion, and in Metro these motions aren’t just fun to look at, they’re useful. Animation can also give the appearance of performance, though to be fair, Windows 8 performs so well it’s almost redundant.. To the Cloud: Using the SkyDrive Desktop App. While signing in with a Microsoft account is enough to trigger the synchronization of most settings between the current PC and your other machines, one settings group—for Passwords, as shown in Figure 5-26 —won’t be synced until you make the current PC a “trusted PC.”. Now, as you switch back and forth between the Start screen and the desktop (test this by tapping Winkey) you can see that the background remains the same, creating a fairly seamless experience.. • In-app purchases: Apps can optionally offer in-app purchases, which are optional paid features.. Before we can discuss the individual productivity apps that are considered part of the full Windows 8 experience, you need to be aware that many of these apps—including the core People, Mail, Calendar, and Messaging apps—all rely on connectivity with your Microsoft account, or what used to be called a Windows Live ID. You may recall from previous discussions in this book that we strongly recommend using a Microsoft account for your sign-in with Windows 8 instead of an old-fashioned local account because that former account type provides such useful integration capabilities. But we realize that some of you will ignore this advice, either because you feel you know better or because you simply don’t have a choice, perhaps because the Windows 8 PC you’re using is supplied by work or for other reasons.. • Show email notifications for this account: Can also be set to on or off. If on, you will be

notified with a“toast”-style notification each time you receive a new e-mail. These notifications resemble Figure 8-21.. Windows PCs that do not include these full-featured Office applications will almost certainly include, or offer, some form of Microsoft Office. Check with your retailer or hardware maker for details.. • Slide show: This button triggers a slideshow of the photos contained in the folder that contains the picture you’re currently viewing.. Figure 11-10: A drive is missing from a mirrored space. [Картинка: i_378.jpg]. Push Button Reset. • Sign in to app groups with a Microsoft account: There is a third approach, one that provides a more limited way to access some Microsoft account goodness, but without changing your domain or local account in any way. That is, instead of linking or switching your existing sign-in account, you can simply try to run one of the connected apps in Windows 8 and then sign in when prompted by a screen that will resemble Figure 12-3.. Summary. In case it’s not obvious, the first choice—for public places—maps to the old Public network location type from Windows 7. And the second choice, for home or work networks, maps to the Home and Work network location types, respectively.. Thanks to its shaky MS-DOS underpinnings, early Windows versions weren’t technically very elegant. They also weren’t very pretty or usable, but by version 3.0 in the early 1990s, Microsoft suddenly had a hit on its hands and the industry began coalescing around this GUI, much as it had embraced plain old MS-DOS a decade earlier..

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