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Figure 1-10: A docked tablet can function as a desktop computer by adding a keyboard and mouse. [Картинка: i_011.jpg]. That Was Then, This Is Now: How Setup Has Changed. Upgrade Advisor and Windows Easy Transfer are both excellent tools, but they suffer from the same basic problems: You need to know they exist, and obtain them, and do so before you install Windows. And there’s nothing in Windows Setup to even suggest that such tools are available. As a result, many users simply don’t know about them and run into problems these tools could have easily fixed.. Installing Windows 8 on a Mac. In Figure 6-9, you can see six such list tiles mixed in with tiles for individual games in the Spotlight group. These lists include Great apps for Windows 8, All Stars, New releases, Top free, Picks for you, and Rising stars.. Whichever method you’re using—the Start screen, All Apps, or Start Search—to uninstall an app you must select it first. This is done on a touch interface by tapping and holding and then dragging down until a selection border appears (Start screen tile) or the app tile is color-selected (All Apps, Start Search), and the app bar appears. With a mouse, simply right-click the tile. Keyboard selection is a bit trickier and less common, but you can use the arrows keys to highlight the correct tile or app, and then press Ctrl + Space to select it.. Unfortunately, this is an important consideration, because when another browser or the desktop version of IE is configured as the default browser, Internet Explorer 10 for Metro won’t even be available. It will literally be hidden from you, and unavailable. Because of this possibility, we explain exactly how and why this happens, and how you can fix it, in the final section of this chapter. So if you’re not seeing what you should be seeing, jump ahead now. And no worries,it’s easily fixed, if not easily understood.. To

create a new event, open the Calendar app bar and tap New. (This button resembles a“+” sign.) You’ll see the view in Figure 8-32, which provides a plethora of items to configure.. The Threads pane also includes a prominent New message link which lets you start a new conversation with a contact.. • Microsoft account: You must configure each PC to sign in with the same Microsoft account.. Next, PC Reset declares that it is ready to reset the PC. Click the Reset button to continue.. If you’re familiar with Action Center from Windows 7, you know that it’s an improved version of the Security Center that dates all the way back to Windows XP with Service Pack 2. In Windows 8, Action Center carries forward largely unchanged in that it still performs the same function of tracking security and troubleshooting items in the OS and popping up notifications when something goes wrong.. Figure 13-16: Your homegroup is accessible by any Metro-style app, including via the standard file picker. [Картинка: i_429.jpg]. With Windows 8 Pro, you can also host remote connections, a feature that is generally available only on server operating systems like Windows Server 2012. That way, you or another user (with the proper credentials) could use Remote Desktop or Remote Desktop Connection to access your PC across the home network or, with a VPN solution (or Windows Server’s DirectAccess feature), across the Internet. This feature is called Remote Desktop Host.. First, Windows RT, like all versions of Windows 8, fully supports the Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) management protocol, the same technology that businesses use to manage devices all of kinds, including Windows Phones, Apple iPhones and iPads, Android handsets and tablets, and many other devices. EAS provides a ton of management functionality, including:.

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