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• Encrypting File System: EFS is somewhat de-emphasized in Windows 8 thanks to BitLocker and BitLocker To Go, but it provides a way to encrypt individual drives, folders, or even files, protecting them from being accessed externally should the drive be removed from your PC.. What’s confusing is that the lines are blurring between the two types of products. That is, there are Intel-compatible tablets, and there are ARM-based laptops. The adoption of the ARM platform gives Windows users a choice. But it also provides a new bit of confusion.. • Adaptive screen brightness control: In the past, controlling screen brightness was at best semi-automatic. You could manually configure a brightness setting in Power Options. Or those with portable computers could use power modes to automatically change the screen brightness to one of two settings, depending on whether the machine was attached to power. In Windows 8, the situation is much more sophisticated, and if you have a PC or device with an ambient light sensor (ALS), Windows 8 will automatically change the brightness of the screen on the fly. This capability is better for your eyes and for readability, but it can also improve battery life when you use the PC or device in a dimly lit area.. Figure 4-3: The new Start tip appears when you mouse into the lower-left corner of the screen. [Картинка: i_082.jpg]. • Touch: Touch users have two methods to activate Start. You can swipe in from the right side of the screen to display the Charms bar, and then tap the Start charm. Or, you can activate Switcher (described next) by swiping in from the left, and then quickly to the right; then tap the Start thumbnail.. • Using a multi-monitor setup more efficiently. Figure 5-5: Choosing apps that can run in the background while your PC is locked and provide you with very simple status updates [Картинка: i_128.jpg]. We typically choose Calendar for this purpose, as it will provide information about the next scheduled event right on the lock screen. But other apps can be useful this way, too, like Weather.. Figure 7-25: A jump list displayed in IE Metro [Картинка: i_223.jpg]. The People app also provides a nice, Metro-style view of all of the activities that your contacts are doing online, culled from the various feeds that are associated with their accounts. This can include sources such as Windows Live, Facebook, Twitter, and more, and includes the ability to comment on what others are doing.. Now, just type in a search term. This can be part of an e-mail message or subject line, or the name of a person who has sent you e-mail (or received e-mail from you). When you tap Enter, the search results appear within the Message pane of the currently selected account in the Mail app, as shown in Figure 8-26.. • Play: This button appears next to Windows 8 Metro-style games. If you click this button, the game will begin playing immediately.. Or, you can add parental controls to an account after it has been created. To do so, select Manage another account from the main User Accounts control panel, select the account you want to manage, and then select Set up Family Safety. The Family Safety interface resembles Figure 12-12.. Associate Publisher: Jim Minatel. In my defense—our defense, since Rafael is of course my willing partner in this crime against both trees and those who would safely read before going to sleep—I have always taken the position, both in my writing for the SuperSite for Windows and in theSecrets books, that Windows isn’t a standalone “thing”; it’s the center of a vast ecosystem of related and connected products and services. That is, nobody buys Windows for Windows, per se. They buy Windows because of its promise of compatibility with the hardware, software, and, increasingly, services that they use and trust..