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can windows update without wifi where windows logs are stored

Install type: You will be prompted to choose between Upgrade and Custom install types. You must choose Custom here, since you are not upgrading Windows 7 and are instead clean installing Windows 8 alongside Windows 7.. • Enable Switcher: Windows 8 also includes a new app-switching interface called Switcher. This, too, can be enabled via this swipe gesture, and we describe it in just a bit.Back. Either way, the effect is the same, and you will visually peek through to the desktop, so that any floating windows that were on-screen will disappear temporarily, replaced by the outlines shown in Figure 4-6.. While signing in with a Microsoft account is enough to trigger the synchronization of most settings between the current PC and your other machines, one settings group—for Passwords, as shown in Figure 5-26 —won’t be synced until you make the current PC a “trusted PC.”. Uninstalling Apps. Dealing with Reminders. If you’re using the Start screen as a dashboard of sorts, you know that most Metro-style apps provide live tiles that provide ongoing, app-related updates. In the case of Calendar, this functionality is quite useful, as the app’s live tile will animate through the day’s pending events as you watch.The Calendar live tile, shown in Figure 8-39, is quite expressive.. • Rotate: If you’ve ever gotten a PDF file that seems to be visually sideways, you know how useful this command can be.. • Understanding your options for more sophisticated video needs. Figure 11-18: File History’s restore interface [Картинка: i_386.jpg]. • Understanding accounts and account types in Windows 8. The Network and Sharing interface also includes a feature called Network Map that visually shows how your PC is connected to the Internet and other devices, an issue that is particularly important to understand when troubleshooting.. To connect to a wireless network, you display the Networks pane. As described previously, you can do so by clicking the Network icon in the Notification Area or by typing Winkey + I and then clicking the Network icon in the Settings pane that appears. As you can see in Figure 13-3, when you’re within in range of one or more wireless networks, those networks will appear listed in the Networks pane under the heading Wi-Fi.. Chapter 14. Encrypting an entire fixed disk can be a very time-consuming process. In fact, you may want to do this overnight, though the process doesn’t impact your ability to use the disk..