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• Understanding the differences between each version of Windows 8. (If you’re familiar with Charms, you may understand that this behavior mimics how that interface is activated with a mouse. Likewise, you can alternatively mouse into the lower-left corner of the screen and then move the mouse cursorup the left edge of the screen if that’s more natural.). • Mouse: Move the mouse cursor into the very lower-right corner of the screen.. When you install more complex applications like Microsoft Office or Visual Studio, you could be in for a surprise: Some will populate the Start screen with multiple tiles, many for applications you’ll never (or perhaps rarely) need.. While Microsoft built SkyDrive support into the Metro environment, providing File Picker-based access to the files on that cloud service, as well as integrated setting sync for those who want it, there is one crucial bit missing for desktop users: you can’t natively navigate your SkyDrive storage using File Explorer.. The lock screen is customized in PC Settings, Personalize, Lock screen. Since this is the default view in PC Settings, you won’t have to do much navigating unless you’ve previously used PC Settings for some other purpose.. You can enable semantic view most easily via touch or mouse. With touch, simply pinch the Start screen. As you do, the tiles will visually shrink until they’re a small group of thumbnails as in Figure 5-15.. Once you’ve downloaded and installed the SkyDrive application for Windows (, it will sync the contents of your SkyDrive cloud storage to the location on your PC that you configured. Then, you can access your SkyDrive storage as you do with any other storage that’s attached to your hard drive.. Figure 8-21: An e-mail notification toast [Картинка: i_249.jpg]. However, if your collection is empty—most likely,

since most people don’t have gigabytes of music content sitting on their PCs—this interface will more closely resemble the barren wasteland shown in Figure 9-23.. Using the Xbox Video App. The new pool creation process is destructive, meaning that any data on a non-pooled (that is, normal) disk will be deleted as part of the process. You can think of this as formatting the pool, if that helps it make sense.. While many of these options are only of interest to domain administrators, it’s worth pointing out one of the common tasks we mentioned earlier is managed using this interface: changing an account type. To change an account type, click Manage User Accounts. Instead of opening a new view in the User Accounts control panel window, you will see the old-school windows in Figure 12-14.. EFS is good for what it is, but it has a few limitations. First, it’s ponderous to encrypt an entire hard disk with this technology since it only works with individual folders and files; a set-it-and-forget-it whole-disk encryption makes more sense. And second, EFS only provides software-based encryption services. A technology that integrates with on-PC securitychipsets would be far more difficult, impossible really, to crack. And finally, EFS encryption sticks with files as they travel around. It would be nice if the encryption was automatically removed if a file was copied or moved from an EFS-protected folder.. These are our personal e-mail addresses and Twitter accounts. We’re interested in continuing the conversation..

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