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can windows vista still be used which windows version is best for gaming

• Apple iTunes: The compatibility checker is nice enough to remind you to de-authorize your iTunes account from within the iTunes application before continuing. However, you should remember that some other applications will need to be de-authorized as well, including some from Adobe, such as Photoshop.. From an installation perspective, you will want to download a Windows 8 disc image in ISO format and use that to install Windows 8. You cannot use the web-based installer. Since these environments are well understood and utilize generic virtualized hardware components, you will usually not need to hunt around for drivers after Setup concludes.. Accessing the Charms bar, of course, varies a bit between the two interfaces. For touch, simply swipe in from the right edge of the screen. With a mouse, you need to move the mouse cursor into the upper- or lower-right corner of the screen and then move the cursor along the right edge of the screen toward the center-right edge of the screen; as you do, the Charms bar will appear.. OK, got your bearings? Good; let’s go customize the Metro interfaces in Windows 8!. Figure 5-4: With the File Picker, you can find the perfect lock screen background image. [Картинка: i_127.jpg]. Customizing User Accounts. The Span option lets you span a single image across multiple displays. This works best, of course, with panoramic images, and while you’re free to make your own, Microsoft is stepping up by providing panoramic wallpapers (and even desktop themes, which also include other unique configurations) that are designed specifically for this use.. • Permissions: Although this isn’t a common feature yet, with more and more portable computing devices being sold every year, some websites are starting to request location information from visitors in an effort to offer a personalized, location-based experience (or, more nefariously, advertisements). By default, IE 10 will trigger a notification when such a request is made. But you can turn off this behavior—and thus allow all sites to automatically grab your location data—if you’d like. A separate Clear button lets you clear the list of sites for whom you’ve OK’d location data, once again triggering those notifications each time a location request comes in.. Without getting too deep into the technical miasma that are

web standards, this leadership takes two forms. The first is an ability to accurately render the various features that web standards bodies recognize as being key parts of the most relevant building blocks of modern web standards—those HTML, CSS, and JavaScript bits. A web developer should be able to target these standards—and not be forced to write to individual browsers and browser versions—and know that what they create will simply work.. The People app is shown in Figure 8-2.. Oddly, unlike the New Mail screen in the Mail app, this screen doesn’t provide an app bar or any options related to formatting.. Figure 9-39: The new Xbox Video app [Картинка: i_331.jpg]. In addition to not being part of the Windows 8 Setup process, the interface you use to configure a homegroup is now a Metro-style experience that can be found in PC Settings. To access this interface, navigate to Settings (Winkey + I) and select More PC settings at the bottom of the Settings pane. This will load the full-screen PC Settings interface. When you select HomeGroup from the list of options on the left, you’ll see a screen like that in Figure 13-15.. • Turn on (or off) auto-unlock: By default, BitLocker-protected disks will prompt you for a password (or PIN) each time you sign in to Windows or, in the case of an external, removable disk, when you plug the drive into the PC. The password entry interface can be seen in Figure 14-7. You can use the Automatically unlock on this PC option, found under More options, to disable this tiresome requirement.. The book doesn’t need to be read from cover to cover. That said, we do recommend reading through the first five chapters in sequence, if possible, since this is the foundation for understanding how the new operating system works and why things are the way they are. From that point on, feel free to cherry-pick as needed, as you discover and wonder about specific new features..

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