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The Volume icon provides a way to change the system volume using a slider that appears when the icon is clicked, as in Figure 3-13.. Back works well if you’re using a small number of apps. But if you’re a heavy multitasker, you’re going to want and expect a way to more easily access a particular app. So Windows 8 has a new interface called Switcher that provides Windows Flip-like functionality in a Metro-style interface. Shown in Figure 3-25, Switcher can be enabled by typing Winkey + Tab.. The following options are available:. Tap the notification to choose what to do with these types of devices going forward. As you can see in Figure 4-32, the available choices can include using the device to speed up the PC with ReadyBoost, to back up File History (which is described in Chapter 11), to view the files with File Explorer, or to take no action. Choose wisely because this interface will never appear again, at least not automatically.. Figure 4-39: When you install a desktop application, one or more tiles are added to the Start screen. [Картинка: i_118.jpg]. Figure 5-27: A new automatic window color option will keep your windows and taskbar in sync with the desktop background. [Картинка: i_150.jpg]. When you click any one of these buttons, the app begins downloading immediately. This is indicated in two ways: Windows Store navigates back to the homepage and displays a subtle installing message in the top right of the screen, followed by the notification shown in Figure 6-20.. The People app is shown in Figure 8-2.. Why do Windows RT devices include Office you ask? Though Windows RT looks and works much like traditional x86 versions of Windows 8, it is not compatible with traditional Windows desktop applications like Office. So Microsoft has made a special version of Office just for Windows RT, while focusing mostly on Metro-style apps going forward on that platform.. If you don’t use Facebook or Flickr, you can actually remove these tiles from the Photos home screen. We describe this process a bit later in the chapter.. The Music app includes an app bar, but it doesn’t do much beyond allowing you to open an individual music file unless you’re already playing music. We’ll examine that functionality in just a bit.. Try to find Windows Backup from Start Screen Search, or by searching the classic Control Panel, and you’ll come up blank. The termbackup yields results for File History only, and a search forwindows backup will actually come up empty. It’s almost like they don’t want you to find it.. While Mac partisans and tech pundits like to present a tortured view of how difficult it is to secure a Windows PC, the truth is far less dramatic. Previous to Windows 8, there were a few simple steps you could take to technically secure your PC—enabling automatic updates and installing an antivirus solution—and that, combined with some good old-fashioned common sense was all that was required.. Further Configuring a Cellular Data Connection. • Password: Your workplace can specify a minimum password length, that a password is required to use the device, that an alphanumeric password is required, and password reset intervals. After a failed number of sign-in attempts, the device can be remote wiped or disabled. And many, many more password policies are available..