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can windows xp still be activated which windows do i have on my computer

* Note that some apps may not be preinstalled but can be downloaded from Windows Store. You can access the Charms bar in a variety of ways, and as a top-level interface in Windows 8, it has simple triggers for all the major input types:. Microsoft has significantly updated the file copy and move experience in Windows 8, making it both faster and easier to manage. If you’re familiar with how this works in Windows 7 and older Windows versions, you know that each file and/or move operation you begin creates its own file or move window, and that each subsequent operation slows everything down to an eventual crawl. The multi-window file copy/move experience in Windows 7 can be seen in Figure 4-23.. • Manage startup applications: Task Manager now provides an excellent new capability on its Startup tab that helps you manage which desktop applications—not Metro-style apps—auto-start when Windows boots.. If you navigate to PC Settings, Personalize, Start screen, you’ll see the interface shown in Figure 5-8. From here, you can choose the theme that is applied to the Start screen, a combination of background pattern, accent color, and background color.. Select the app you wish to share with and that app’s Share interface will appear. In Figure 7-19, we’re using the Mail app to share the current web page with others via e-mail. (This experience will vary from app to app.). That is, they rely on online services in ways that are pervasive and necessary. So with People, you will not manage contacts that are local to that one PC. Instead, you will manage contacts that are stored in one or more cloud-based services. Ditto for Mail, Calendar, and Messaging. None of these apps works only with local data. (In fact, none work with local data at all.). The Threads pane

also includes a prominent New message link which lets you start a new conversation with a contact.. Messages within a thread follow a logical form, using rectangular conversation“bubbles” that are similar to those in other messaging apps, such as the one in Windows Phone. Each time you hit Enter, that message—contained in its own bubble—is completed and sent to your contact.. Also, during the life cycle of Windows 7, many PCs came with a stripped-down Office version called Office Starter that included two very basic Office applications, Word Starter and Excel Starter. This solution came free with many PCs and was designed to be electronically upgraded to higher-end, paid versions of Office.. • Bio: A text box providing up to 499 characters for describing your history or other relevant information.. Advanced Storage Spaces: Three-Disk Configurations. When you click the Get Started button under Refresh your PC without affecting your files, a full-screen Metro-style notification will appear, alerting you that the PC Refresh process will retain all of your personal settings, files, and apps. However, traditional Windows desktop applications will be removed.. Note that some Windows key shortcuts can be used in tandem with the Shift key to cycle objects in the opposite direction.. Thanks to the anonymous souls from Microsoft who provided us with dozens of interim builds and important tidbits of internal information, both of which contributed to making this the best Windows 8 book on the market. We literally could not have completed this book in time without you and we hope that we lived up to the trust you placed in us.—Paul and Rafael.

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