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2.The Specify Volume Size page in the New Simple Volume Wizard, shown in Figure 1–3, specifies the minimum and maximum size for the volume in megabytes and lets you size the volume within these limits. Size the partition in megabytes in the Simple Volume Size In MB box, and then tap or click Next.. [Картинка: _211.png]. 3.In the NFS Advanced Sharing dialog box, clear the Share This Folder check box, and then tap or click OK twice.. If the client computer is running Windows 8.1, you can map network drives by completing the following steps:. 9.Use the Type list to specify whether you are configuring allowed or denied special permissions, and then select the special permissions you want to allow or deny. If any permissions are dimmed (unavailable), they are inherited from a parent folder.. 5.Tap or click OK. The user and group are added as the Principal. Tap or click Add A Condition.. 5.Tap or click OK to save your changes.

You might get the Suggested Value Changes dialog box, shown in Figure 5–3. This dialog box informs you of other values that are changed to suggested values based on your setting change. For example, when you change the Account Lockout Threshold setting, Windows might also change the Account Lockout Duration and Reset Account Lockout Counter After settings, as shown in the figure.. 5.Each configuration section has an introductory page. The first introductory page is the one for Role-Based Service Configuration. Tap or click Next.. ?Centrally managing special folders. Creating normal scopes for IPv4 addresses. Restoring the DHCP database from backup. ?Managing DNS records. Installing DNS servers [Картинка: pic_19.png]. 1.Start the DNS Manager console. If the server you want to configure isn’t listed, connect to it as described previously.. [-backupTarget:{VolumeName|NetworkSharepath}] [-machine:BackupMachineName].

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