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2.In the Convert To Dynamic Disk dialog box, select the check boxes for the disks you want to convert. Tap or click OK to continue. This displays the Disks To Convert dialog box, which shows the disks you’re converting.. When you are ready to move the disks, follow these steps:. ? Copying between volumes on the same computerWhen you copy or move an encrypted file or folder from one NTFS volume to another NTFS volume on the same computer, the files remain encrypted. However, if you copy or move encrypted files to a FAT volume, the files are decrypted before transfer and then transferred as standard files, and therefore end up in their destination as unencrypted files. FAT doesn’t support encryption.. As Figure 2–6 shows, the Disks subnode lists the disks available to each server according to total capacity, unallocated space, partition style, subsystem, and bus type. Server Manager attempts to differentiate between physical disks and virtual disks by showing the virtual disk label (if one was provided) and the originating storage subsystem. Press and hold or right-click a disk to display management options, including the following:. ? Change the drive letterSelect the current drive letter, and then tap or click Change. Select Assign The Following Drive Letter, and then choose a different letter to assign to the drive.. Any time users connect to shares, the individual file and object resources they are working with are displayed in the Open Files node. The Open Files node might show the files the user has open but isn’t currently editing.. ?Actions that users can perform are based on the sum of all the permissions assigned to the user and to all the groups of which the user is a member. For example, if the user GeorgeJ has Read access and is a member of the group Techies, which has Change access, GeorgeJ will have Change access. If Techies is a member of Administrators, which has Full Control, GeorgeJ will have complete control over the file. However, if GeorgeJ has been explicitly denied a permission, the deny will override any grant.. ? Restricted groups policiesControl security for local group membership administration. FIGURE 5–1View and create security templates with the Security Templates snap-in.. 3.To ensure that permissions on the path or key are not replaced, select Do Not Allow Permissions On This Key To Be Replaced, and then tap or click OK. Skip the remaining steps in this procedure.. The maintenance process does not need a user to be logged on. The maintenance process runs whether a user is logged on or not. If no user is logged on when scheduled maintenance begins and a restart is required, Windows restarts the computer without caching credentials or storing information about running applications. When Windows restarts, Windows does not log on as any user.. 3.Double-tap or double-click Allow Non-Administrators To Receive Update Notifications. In the Properties dialog box, select Enabled, and then tap or click OK.. Windows IP Configuration. IP Routing Enabled…: No. 3.If you’re configuring a primary server integrated with Active Directory (a domain controller), select Primary Zone and be sure that Store The Zone In Active Directory is selected. If you don’t want to integrate DNS with Active Directory, select Primary Zone, and then clear the Store The Zone In Active Directory check box. Tap or click Next..