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File Explorer shows the names of compressed files and folders in blue. You can remove compression from a drive by following these steps:. /scan— Performs an online scan of the volume (the default). Errors detected during the scan are added to the $corrupt system file.. ?Managing existing shares. 3.On the Shadow Copies tab, select the volume with which you want to work in the Select A Volume list.. You can configure automatic enrollment by following these steps:. 2.In the policy editor, access Computer Configuration\Policies\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Windows Update.. Configuring multiple gateways. To bind DHCP to a specific network connection, follow these steps:. Setting scope options. To configure a MAC address filter, follow these steps:. 3.Copy the entire contents of the %SystemRoot%\System32\DHCP folder to the %SystemRoot%\System32\DHCP folder on the destination server.. ? Partial integrationWith partial integration, the domain uses standard file storage. DNS information is stored in text-based files that end with the.dns extension. The default location of these files is %SystemRoot%\System32\Dns. Updates to DNS are handled through a single authoritative DNS server. This server is designated as the primary DNS server for the particular domain or an area within a domain called azone. Clients that use dynamic DNS updates through DHCP must be configured to use the primary DNS server in the zone. If they aren’t, their DNS information won’t be updated.

Likewise, dynamic updates through DHCP can’t be made if the primary DNS server is offline.. ? Allow Both Nonsecure And Secure Dynamic UpdatesChoose this option to allow any client to update its resource records in DNS when changes occur. Clients can be secure or nonsecure.. Although you can allow zone transfers with any server, this opens the server to possible security problems. Instead of opening the floodgates, you should restrict access to zone information so that only servers you’ve identified can request updates from the zone’s primary server. This enables you to funnel requests through a select group of secondary servers, such as your ISP’s secondary name servers, and to hide the details of your internal network from the outside world.. If you want to create a schedule to run backups at different times on different days, you can use Task Scheduler to create the necessary tasks to run this command on the schedule you set. You can use Task Scheduler and Wbadmin to schedule tasks to run backups by following these steps:.

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