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can’t connect server steam is zookeeper server

2.The Specify Volume Size page in the New Simple Volume Wizard, shown in Figure 1–3, specifies the minimum and maximum size for the volume in megabytes and lets you size the volume within these limits. Size the partition in megabytes in the Simple Volume Size In MB box, and then tap or click Next.. To close all open files on a computer’s shares, follow these steps:. 5.On the Permissions tab, you’ll see a Disable Inheritance button if inheritance currently is enabled. Tap or click Disable Inheritance.. ? NTFS disk quotasNTFS disk quotas are supported on all editions of Windows Server 2012 R2 and enable you to manage disk space usage by users. You configure quotas on a per-volume basis. Although users who exceed limits get warnings, administrators are notified primarily through the event logs.. 4.After you select a user, the Add New Quota Entry dialog box is displayed, as shown in Figure 4–8. You have two options. You can remove all quota restrictions for this user by selecting Do Not Limit Disk Usage, or you can set a specific limit and warning level by selecting Limit Disk Space To and then entering the appropriate values. Tap or click OK.. ? Local policiesControl security for auditing, user rights assignment, and other security options. IMPORTANTWhen specifying the root path, be sure to specify the UNC path for the server and not a local path. The basic syntax for a UNC path is \\ServerName\ShareName, such as \\CorpServer38\CorpData.. 3.In the policy editor, access Computer Configuration\Policies\Software Settings\Software Installation or User Configuration\Policies\Software Settings\Software Installation as appropriate for the type of software deployment.. Although key signing and management tasks can only be initiated from the Key Master, other primary DNS servers can continue to use zone signing-they just do so via the Key Master. You must choose a key master when you sign a zone with DNSSEC. You can transfer the key master role to another DNS server that hosts the zone at any time.. 4.Tap or click OK. When finished debugging, turn off logging by clearing the Log Packets For Debugging check box.. [Картинка: img1c17.jpg]. 3.Select the events you want to audit by selecting the check boxes under the Successful and Failed headings, as appropriate.. [-include:VolumesToInclude]. wbadmin start backup -backupTarget: f: -include: c:,d:. If you want to create a schedule to run backups at different times on different days, you can use Task Scheduler to create the necessary tasks to run this command on the schedule you set. You can use Task Scheduler and Wbadmin to schedule tasks to run backups by following these steps:.