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can’t connect to quickbooks server server on games

Taking this concept a few steps further, you can pool available space on disks so that units of storage (virtual disks) can be allocated from this pool on an as-needed basis. These units of storage, in turn, are apportioned with volumes to allocate space and create usable file systems.. 1.Start the New Volume Wizard. If you just created a storage space, the New Volume Wizard might start automatically. If it did not, do one of the following:. 1.In Disk Management, press and hold or right-click the volume you want to shrink, and then tap or click Shrink Volume. This option is available only if the volume meets the previously discussed criteria.. [path]filename—FAT only. It specifies files to check for fragmentation.. Share permissions set the maximum allowable actions available within a shared folder. By default, when you create a share, everyone with access to the network has Read access to the share’s contents. This is an important security change-in previous editions of Windows Server, the default permission was Full Control.. Managing existing shares [Картинка: pic_19.png]. Managing sessions and shares is a common administrative task. Before you shut down a server or an application running on a server, you might want to disconnect users from shared resources. You might also need to disconnect users when you plan to change access permissions or delete a share entirely. Another reason to disconnect users is to break locks on files. You disconnect users from shared resources by ending the related user sessions.ENDING INDIVIDUAL SESSIONS. To close an open file on a computer’s shares, follow these steps:. Object management, ownership, and inheritance [Картинка: pic_19.png]. 5.On the E-Mail Message tab, you can configure notification as follows:. You create reverse lookup zones by following these steps:. You configure a server as a print server by adding the Print and Document Services role and configuring this role to use one or more of the following role services:. 1.In Print Management, press and hold or right-click the Print Servers node in the left pane, and then tap or click Add/Remove Servers.. 2.On the Select Backup Configuration page, note the backup size listed under the Full Server option, as shown in Figure 11-3. This is the storage space required to back up the server data, applications, and the system state. To back up all volumes on the server, select the Full Server option, and then tap or click Next. To back up selected volumes on the server, select the Custom option, and then tap or click Next.. wbadmin start systemstaterecovery -backupTarget:VolumeName.