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can’t connect to server ps4 is ftp server

2.Select the extended partition area itself and delete it.. FIGURE 3–4Use the Create A Shared Folder Wizard to configure the essential share properties, including name, description, and offline resource usage.. Any time your organization uses shared folders, you should consider creating shadow copies of these shared folders as well. Shadow copies are point-in-time backups of data files that users can access directly in shared folders. These point-in-time backups can save you and the other administrators in your organization a lot of work, especially if you routinely have to retrieve lost, overwritten, or corrupted data files from backups. The usual procedure for retrieving shadow copies is to use the Previous Versions or Shadow Copy client. Windows Server 2012 R2 includes a feature enhancement that enables you to revert an entire (nonsystem) volume to a previous shadow copy state.. 2.Use Group Policy to enable discovery of Work Folders.. 2.Press and hold or right-click the folder with which you want to work, and then tap or click Properties to display a Properties dialog box.. You can also use the Secedit command-line utility to analyze, review, and apply security templates. The basic technique is as follows:. 2.In the policy editor, expand the following nodes: User Configuration, Policies, Windows Settings, and Folder Redirection.. 4.Enter the URL of the statistics server in the Set The Intranet Statistics Server text box. This doesn’t have to be a separate server; you can specify the update server in this text box.. 4.The Default Gateways panel shows the current gateways that have been manually configured (if any). You can enter additional default gateways as necessary.. [Картинка: imgb277.jpg]. 3.If Windows Server doesn’t detect the print device automatically, you need to install the print device manually as described in the next set of instructions.. You can set the default priority for print jobs in the Priority box on the Advanced tab. Print jobs always print in order of priority. Jobs with higher priority print before jobs with lower priority.. To enable spooling, use one of the following options:. Being able to back up and restore certificates is an important part of any disasterrecovery* plan. The next sections examine the techniques you can use to perform these tasks.. 6.Select Yes, Export The Private Key. Tap or click Next twice..