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• New Windows 8 hardware capabilities to look for. Advanced Setup: Using the Old-School Installer. Figure 3-17: Applications and Metro-style apps mixed in the search results [Картинка: i_057.jpg]. And be sure to click the See All link to expand the window, when available, to see more options.. These capabilities largely come forward in Windows 8, which for the most part provides a superset of the multitasking and task-switching capabilities in Windows 7. But because Windows 8 includes the new Metro-style environment and full-screen Metro-style apps, there are a few differences.. Figure 4-41: The simpler new Task Manager [Картинка: i_120.jpg]. • Cancel: Click this button to save a draft of the message or delete it.. Handling Notifications. • Now Playing: This group, which is the default view for the app, provides a large Now Playing tile if you’ve been playing music, and a music promotional pane if not, along with a handful of smaller promo panes.. Second, you can arbitrarily download any of this music to your PC and, while your subscription is in place, play it (online or off) on your Windows-based PCs and devices (and Windows Phone handsets). It’s like having 30 million songs in your own music collection—you know, as long as you’re a paying customer. You’ll see a handy Add to my music link, like that in Figure 9-35, letting you copy Store music to your own PC.. Consider the game shown in Figure 10-1. Here, you can see

a game in which the entire screen is literally used for one purpose only: for the game itself. No other UI intrudes on this experience.. Desktop games (and applications) cannot run on Windows RT. They are designed only for Windows 8 (and perhaps older versions of Windows, too).. Like many Metro interfaces, the Users section in PC Settings is almost disarmingly simple. As you can see in Figure 12-4, this UI lets you manage features related to your own and other user accounts. (This figure displays the version of this screen that most users will see, since it depicts a Microsoft account.). You can access the shared resources of other PCs on your homegroup using new Metro-style apps that support this feature. Your homegroup is also available via the standard Metro-style file picker, which can of course be integrated into any app. As you can see in Figure 13-16, the file picker displays each of the machines in your homegroup, letting you dive into the shared libraries on each and find what you’re looking for.. To sign in to your domain from the lock screen, select Other user. Then, in the screen shown in Figure 14-1, you must provide your domain, username, and password credentials..

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