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Conventions used in this book [Картинка: pic_19.png]. ?Add the iSCSI Target Server and iSCSI Target Storage Provider role services if you want the server to host iSCSI virtual disks.. ?File and folder permissions. FIGURE 5-10 Change a policy setting in the database before applying the template.. 3.In the Computer Configuration\Policies node, double-tap or double-click the Windows Settings folder, and then tap or click Scripts.. 3.Tap or click the DNS tab. The options available are the same as those shown in Figure 8–3. Because these settings are configured by default, you usually don’t need to modify the configuration.. Activating and deactivating scopes. [Картинка: img5377.jpg]. You can exclude IPv4 or IPv6 addresses from a scope by defining an exclusion range. Scopes can have multiple exclusion ranges. To define an exclusion range for a scope with IPv4 addresses, follow these steps:. ? DNS Suffix For This ConnectionThis option sets a specific DNS suffix for the connection that overrides DNS names already configured for use on this connection. You usually set the DNS domain name on the Computer Name tab of the System Properties dialog box.. ? Forwarding-only serverA server that caches DNS information after lookups and always passes requests to other servers. These servers maintain DNS information until it’s refreshed or expired or until the server is restarted. Unlike secondary servers, forwarding-only servers don’t request full copies of a zone’s database files. This means that when you start a forwarding-only server, its database contains no information.. 1.Start Print Management by tapping or clicking Tools in Server Manager, and then tapping or clicking Print Management.. To enable spooling, use one of the following options:. ?Choose Normal Backup Performance to perform full backups of all attached drives.. [-recoveryTarget:TargetVolumeForRecovery|TargetPathForRecovery].