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can’t find server wifi server can’t keep up minecraft 1.13

1.Press and hold or right-click the partition, and then tap or click Properties.. /perf— Performs the scan as fast as possible by using more system resources.. ? Accessed ByThe name of the user accessing the file.. 3.If the IPv4 address is available, the client configures the NIC with this address. The client then attempts to contact a DHCP server, sending out a broadcast every five minutes to the network. When the client successfully contacts a server, the client obtains a lease and reconfigures the network interface.. 5.When you enter an IP address range, the bit length and subnet mask are filled in for you automatically (as shown in Figure 8–6). Unless you use subnets, you should use the default values.. ?To track which address ranges are excluded, use the Excluded Address Range list.. The %SystemRoot%\System32\DHCP\Backup folder contains the backup information for the DHCP configuration and the DHCP database. By default, the DHCP database is backed up every 60 minutes automatically. To manually back up the DHCP database at any time, follow these steps:. 1.In the DHCP console, press and hold or right-click the server you want to back up, and then tap or click Backup.. ? BackupDatabasePathSets the location of the DHCP database. You should set this option through the DHCP Properties dialog box. Tap or click the Advanced tab, and then set the Database Path as appropriate.. Integrating Active Directory and DNS. [Картинка: img30bf.jpg]. ? Stopping the sharing of a printerTo quit sharing a printer, clear the Share This Printer check box, and then tap or click OK.. ? Who will be responsible for the backup and recovery plan?Ideally, someone should be a primary contact for the organization’s backup and recovery plan. This person might also be responsible for performing the actual backup and recovery of data.. 3.If you select Custom, the Select Items For Backup page is displayed. Tap or click Add Items. As shown in Figure 11-4, you can select the check boxes for the volumes you want to back up and clear the check boxes for the volumes you want to exclude. Select the Bare Metal Recovery option if you want to be able to fully recover the operating system. Select the System State option if you want to back up the system state. If the server is a Hyper-V host, you’ll have a Hyper-V option and can expand the Hyper-V node to select individual virtual servers to back up by using their saved state and the host component. Tap or click OK, and then tap or click Next.. ?—userSets the user name to use when connecting to the remote shared folder..