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can’t get server on iphone server address for minecraft

?If one of the drives still won’t come back online, you need to repair the failed region of the RAID-5 set. Press and hold or right-click the failed volume, and then select Remove Volume. You now need to select an unallocated space on a separate dynamic disk for the RAID-5 set. This space must be at least as large as the region to repair, and it can’t be on a drive that the RAID-5 set is already using. If you don’t have enough space, the Repair Volume command is unavailable, and you need to free space by deleting other volumes or by replacing the failed drive.. /B— Reevaluates bad clusters on the volume (NTFS only; implies /R).. ? Public folder sharingAllows local users and (optionally) remote users to access any files placed in the computer’s %SystemDrive%\Users\Public folder. Access permissions on the Public folder determine which users and groups have access to publicly shared files in addition to the level of access those users and groups have. When you copy or move files to the Public folder, access permissions are changed to match those of the Public folder. Some additional permissions are added as well. When a computer is part of a workgroup, you can add password protection to the Public folder. Separate password protection isn’t needed in a domain because only domain users can access Public folder data.. 8.When you are editing permissions, only basic permissions are listed by default. Tap or click Show Advanced Permissions to display the special permissions, as shown in Figure 4–3.. You use claims-based permissions to fine-tune access by defining conditions that limit access as part of a resource’s advanced security permissions. Typically, these conditions add device claims or user claims to the access controls. User claims identify users; device claims identify devices. For example, you could define claim types based on business category and country code. The Active Directory attributesare businessCategory and countryCode, respectively. By using these claim types, you could then fine-tune access to ensure that only users, devices, or both that belong to specific business categories and have certain country codes are granted access to a resource. You could also define a resource property called Project to help finetune access even more.. Configuring security settings for registry and file system paths. A server designated as a certificate authority (CA) is responsible for issuing digital certificates and managing certificate revocation lists (CRLs). Servers running Windows Server can be configured as certificate authorities by installing Active Directory Certificate Services. Computers and users can use certificates for authentication and encryption.. NOTEA lease duration that’s set too long can reduce the effectiveness of DhCP and might eventually cause you to run out of available IP addresses, especially on networks with mobile users or other types of computers that aren’t fixed members of the network. A good lease duration for most networks is from one to three days.. 2.To view current settings, select Scope Options. Currently configured options are displayed in the right pane.. Before you can configure MAC address filtering, you must do one of the following:. FIGURE 9–2Configure the root hints only to install the base DNS structures.. 14.By default, the printer share is not listed in Active Directory. Listing the printer share in Active Directory makes it possible for users to search for and find the printer more easily. If you want the printer share to be listed in Active Directory, select the Printers node in the left pane, press and hold or right-click the printer in the main window, and then select List In Directory.. Configuring printer properties [Картинка: pic_19.png]. 6.Tap or click Next, and then tap or click Finish.. You can manage backups and their configurations by using the following commands and command-line syntaxes:.