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can’t join server bf1 server on games

?The boot indicator is followed by a 3-byte address identifying the start of the partition. At byte offset 4, there’s a 1-byte value that indicates the operating system type, which is followed by a 3-byte value that identifies the end of the partition. These values are not used by UEFI.. 1.In Disk Management, press and hold or right-click the dynamic disk you want to reactivate, and then tap or click Reactivate Disk. Confirm the action when prompted.. By using drive letters, you can have only 24 active volumes. To get around this limitation, you can mount disks to drive paths. A drive path is set as a folder location on another drive. For example, you might mount additional drives as E: \Data1, E: \Data2, and E: \Data3. You can use drive paths with basic and dynamic disks. The only restriction for drive paths is that you mount them on empty folders that are on NTFS drives.. ? Allocation Unit SizeSets the cluster size for the file system. This is the basic unit in which disk space is allocated. The default allocation unit size is based on the size of the volume and is set dynamically prior to formatting by default. To override this feature, you can set the allocation unit size to a specific value. If you use many small files, you might want to use a smaller cluster size, such as 512 or 1,024 bytes. With these settings, small files use less disk space. Note that ReFS volumes have a fixed allocation unit size.. REAL WORLDAutomatic Maintenance is built on the Windows Diagnostics framework. By default, Windows periodically performs routine maintenance at 2:00 A.M. if the computer is running on AC power and the operating system is idle. Otherwise, maintenance will start the next time the computer is running on AC power and the operating system is idle. Because maintenance runs only when the operating system is idle, maintenance is allowed to run in the background for up to three days. This allows Windows to complete complex maintenance tasks automatically. Maintenance tasks include software updates, security scanning, system diagnostics, checking disks, and disk optimization. You can change the run time for automated maintenance by opening Action Center, expanding the Maintenance panel, selecting Change Maintenance Settings, and then selecting a new run schedule.. IMPORTANTSMB 3.0 and SMB 3.02 brought many enhancements for performance, especially when you use clustered file servers. A key enhancement that doesn’t rely on a special configuration is end-to-end encryption of SMB data, which eliminates the need to use Internet Protocol security (IPsec), specialized hardware, or wide area network (WAN) accelerators to protect data from eavesdropping. SMB encryption can be enabled on a per-share basis.. 4.Tap or click Check Names. If a single match is found for each entry, the dialog box is automatically updated and the entry is underlined. Otherwise, you’ll get an additional dialog box. If no matches are found, you either entered the name incorrectly or you’re working with an incorrect location. Modify the name in the Name Not Found dialog box and try again, or tap or click Locations to select a new location. When multiple matches are found, in the Multiple Names Found dialog box, select the name you want to use and then tap or click OK.. ? Audit Process TrackingTracks system processes and the resources they use.. TIPTo ensure that the policies are enforced immediately, access the Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\System\Group Policy node, and then double-tap or double-click Configure Disk Quota Policy Processing. Select Enabled, and then select the Process even If The Group Policy Objects have Not Changed check box. Tap or click OK.. ? AssignedTo assign the application without modifications. VIEWING AND ASSIGNING SERVER OPTIONS. 5.If you set the failover mode for Load Balance, use the Load Balance Percentage combo boxes to specify the relative percentage for how to allocate the IP addresses to each of the servers. Here are configuration examples:. ? Total AddressesShows the total number of IP addresses assigned to the scope.. Two types of print devices are used on a network:. As discussed previously, Windows Server 2012 R2 includes startup repair features that can recover a server in case of corrupted or missing system files. The startup repair process can also recover from some types of boot failures involving the boot manager. If these processes fail and the boot manager is the reason you cannot start the server, you can use the Windows Server 2012 R2 installation disc or system recovery options to restore the boot manager and enable startup..