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can’t join server to domain is windows server 2008 end of life

?Assign drive letters and drive paths as discussed in“Assigning drive letters and paths” later in this chapter. NOTEWhen users connect to network drives, they’re subject not only to the permissions set for the shared resources, but also to Windows Server 2012 R2 file and folder permissions. Differences in these permission sets are usually the reason users might not be able to access a particular file or subfolder within the network drive.. TIPYou can set disk quotas but not enforce them, and you might be wondering why you’d want to do this. Sometimes you want to track disk space usage on a per-user basis and know when users have exceeded some predefined limit, but instead of denying them additional disk space, you log an event in the application log to track the overage. You can then send out warning messages or figure out other ways to reduce the space usage.. 10.On the Handling Unspecified Services page, indicate how unspecified services should be handled. Unspecified services are services that are not installed on the selected server and are not listed in the security configuration database. By default, the startup mode of unspecified services is not changed. To disable unspecified services instead, select Disable The Service. Tap or click Next.. ? Grant The User Exclusive Rights ToGives users full rights to access their data in the special folder.. Installing and configuring the DNS Server service. 9.After you install a DNS server, you use the DNS console to configure and manage DNS. In Server Manager, tap or click Tools, and then tap or click DNS to open the DNS Manager console, shown in Figure 9–1.. 11.You need to create additional records for any computers you want to make accessible to other DNS domains. To do this, follow the steps listed in“Managing DNS records” later in this chapter.. 1.In the DNS Manager console, expand the Forward Lookup Zones folder for the server with which you want to work.. 4.Tap or click OK.. 11.By default, print jobs are sent to the print server where they are rendered and then sent to the printer. You can change this behavior by using Branch Office Direct Printing. With Branch Office Direct Printing, print jobs are rendered on client computers and then sent directly to the printer. If you want to enable direct printing, select the Printers node in the left pane, press and hold or right-click the printer in the main window, and then select Enable Branch Office Direct Printing.. 11.Tap or click Next to begin the import process. After the wizard completes the import process, tap or click Open Event Viewer to review the events generated during the import process. If an error occurred during processing, you can use the event entries to determine what happened and possible actions to take to resolve the problem. When you have finished, exit the Event Viewer.. Selecting a backup device is an important step toward implementing a backup and recovery plan. But you also need to purchase the tapes, disks, or both that enable you to implement your plan. The number of tapes or disks you need depends on how much data you have to back up, how often you need to back up the data, and how long you need to keep additional data sets.. ? GET VERSIONSLists details about the available backups stored in a specific location, including the backup time and backup destination.. In earlier versions of Windows, an application crash or hang is marked as not responding, and it is up to the user to exit and then restart the application. Windows Server 2012 R2 attempts to resolve the issue of unresponsive applications by using Restart Manager. Restart Manager can shut down and restart unresponsive applications automatically. Thanks to Restart Manager, you might not have to intervene to try to resolve issues with frozen applications..