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can’t locate debian/debhelper/sequence/ debian install docker

VOCABULARY Debian package. To use Debian, you need to install it on a computer; this task is taken care of by thedebian-installer program. A proper installation involves many operations. This chapter reviews them in their chronological order.. The common approach is to suppress the standard input by redirecting the empty content of /dev/null into it withcommand ../../sdc1. do_bootloader = no. iface eth0 inet dhcp.  smtpd_recipient_restrictions = permit_mynetworks,. path = /var/lib/samba/netlogon. NOTE Why three RAID-1 volumes?. RSA Fingerprint :  25:6b:6b:c7:84:03:9e:8b:82:da:84:c0:08:cd:29:94. on the boot media (CD or USB key); preseeding then happens as soon as the media is mounted, which means right after the questions about language and keyboard layout. The preseed/file boot parameter can be used to indicate the location of the preseeding file (for instance, /cdrom/preseed.cfg when the installation is done off a CD-ROM, or /hd-media/preseed.cfg in the USB-key case)..     email  Moreover, these libraries are often referred to as“shared libraries”, since the kernel is able to only load them into memory once, even if several processes use the same library at the same time. This allows saving memory, when compared with the opposite (hypothetical) situation where the code for a library would be loaded as many times as there are processes using it..