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I don’t devote entire chapters to explaining Windows Server architecture or why you want to use Windows Server. I do, however, cover configuring storage, security, auditing, and much more.. ?Working with basic, dynamic, and virtual disks. ?If multiple matches are found, select the name or names you want to use, and then tap or click OK. To assign permissions to other users, computers, or groups, enter a semicolon (;) and then repeat this step.. 3.When configuring sync shares, you have several options. You can:. 3.Double-tap or double-click a setting to display its Properties dialog box, as shown in Figure 5–2. To determine the purpose of the setting, tap or click the Explain tab. To define and apply the policy setting, select the Define This Policy Setting In The Template check box. To clear this policy and not apply it, clear this check box.. Security policies can incorporate one or more security templates. Much like you can with security templates, you can apply a security policy to the currently loggedon computer by using the Security Configuration Wizard. Through Group Policy, you can also apply a security policy to multiple computers. By default, security policies created with the Security Configuration Wizard are saved in the %SystemRoot%\security\msscw\Policies folder.. ? DynamicallyA DHCP server (if one is installed on the network) assigns dynamic IP addresses at startup, and the addresses might change over time. Dynamic IP addressing is the default configuration.. 3.Choose one of the following options to specify how the DHCP server behaves if the Network Policy Server is unreachable, and then tap or click OK to save your settings:. 2.Press and hold or right-click the lease or reservation you want to delete, and then tap or click Delete.. ?NSEC (NextSECure). 6.Specify whether the printer is available to remote users. To create a printer accessible to remote users, select the Share This Printer option, and then enter a name for the shared resource. In a large organization you’ll want the share name to be logical and helpful in locating the printer. For example, you could give the name Twelfth Floor NE to the printer that points to the print device in the northeast corner of the twelfth floor.. When the Network Printer Installation Wizard finishes installing the new printer, the Printers folder will have an additional icon with the name set the way you specified. You can change the printer properties and check printer status at any time. For more information, see“Configuring printer properties” later in this chapter.. TABLE 10-2Printer permissions used by Windows Server 2012 R2. [-include:VolumesToInclude]. You can delete recovery policies if you don’t want them to be available. However, deleting recovery policies is not recommended because there can be severe unintentional consequences..