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can’t select server for discord bot on server not responding

Who is this book for? [Картинка: pic_19.png]. 1.Press and hold or right-click the storage pool you want to examine, and then select Properties.. ?On the Storage Pools subnode, all available virtual disks are listed in the Virtual Disks panel. Select the disk with which you want to work, and then under Tasks, select New Volume.. [Картинка: _211.png]. You can control the approximate start time for the analysis and optimization of disks by changing the automated maintenance start time. Windows Server also notifies you if three consecutive runs are missed. All internal drives and certain external drives are optimized automatically as part of the regular schedule, as are new drives you connect to the server.. Navigating networking in Windows Server 2012 R2 [Картинка: pic_19.png]. Windows Server 2012 R2 initially assigns default names to network connections. In Network Connections, you can rename a connection at any time by pressing and holding or right-clicking the connection, tapping or clicking Rename, and then entering a new name. If a computer has multiple network connections, a descriptive name can help you and others better understand the uses of a particular connection.. Autoconfiguration Enabled…: Yes Autoconfiguration IP Address: Subnet Mask…: 3.Optionally, you can enable or disable the name protection feature. With name protection, the DHCP server registers records on behalf of the client only if no other client with this DNS information is already registered. To enable or disable name protection, tap or click Configure. In the Name Protection dialog box, select or clear Enable Name Protection, and then tap or click OK.. ? Allow Both Nonsecure And Secure Dynamic UpdatesChoose this option to allow any client to update its resource records in DNS when changes occur. Clients can be secure or nonsecure.. ? A (IPv4 address)Maps a host name to an IPv4 address. When a computer has multiple adapter cards, IPv4 addresses, or both, it should have multiple address records.. REAL WORLDYou have several additional options for adding required binaries. At an elevated command prompt, you can enter DISM /Online /Enable-Feature/FeatureName: PrintServer /All /LimitAccess /Source: E:\Sources\SxS, whereE:is a mounted ISO or DVD. At an elevated shell prompt, you can enter enableWindowsOptionalFeature -Online -FeatureName“PrintServer” -All -LimitAccess Source “E: \Sources\SxS”, whereE:is a mounted ISO or DVD.. 2.In the Add/Remove Servers dialog box, shown in Figure 10-2, you’ll find a list of the print servers you previously added.. You manage print jobs and printers by using the print management window. If the printer is configured on your system, you can access the print management window by using one of the following techniques:. 2.On the Installation Type page, Role-Based Or Feature-Based Installation is selected by default. Tap or click Next..