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So. It’s a great car. A brilliant car. A perfect car for the man who wants everything. And compared with all the competition, it’s not even that expensive. But I don’t like it. Wouldn’t have one in a million years.. You don’t drive the 640. You waft along. It’s one of those cars that’s extremely happy to plod up the motorway at 65 mph, unless you aren’t concentrating, in which case it will slot some Barry White into the CD player and drop down to about 3 mph.. I love the flared arches and the way its window line tapers. If you were in the market for a car like this, you might well see one in your local town and think, Mmmm. That’ll do nicely. I’m with you. I liked the old model quite a lot, but the new one has a few issues. Take a deep breath – we’re going in…. Of course, putting a two-cylinder engine in front of the car is nothing compared with what they’ve done at the back, which is to fit just one wheel.. Later, in the big city, he drifted from job to job – one minute a docker, the next a handyman. Eventually he started a car-repair workshop, but during the war the Japanese colonial government merged his fledgling business with a steel company. And that was that. Mr Chung ended up back where he’d started. In a rural village in the north, with a dad who had no cow.. Then there’s the price. Mainly because we sort of know the DBS is just a DB9, we can’t understand why it costs far more. And nor do we fully understand why this Carbon Edition adds yet more. Mostly, though, the problem is that it feels like you are driving around in an old car. There’s no sense that you’re riding the technological wave.. Just go and check all those old copies ofHello! that you keep by the lavatory. Notice how the car from which a knees-together star with a Daz-white smile is climbing is always an Audi. Zammett did that.. In terms of looks, no. If you take away the Audi’s grille, which looks like George Michael’s beard, it could be a Toyota or a Honda. That’s fine if you want to maintain a low profile, but if you want to cut a dash, you’d be better off with the Merc. That thing’s got serious presence.. But then, just twenty-four hours after leaving Nevada, I found myself on top of a moor in Yorkshire, in the drizzle, about to get inside a Lexus LFA.. Now, though, things have changed. All the new AMG engines are twin-turbocharged 5.5-litre V8s, and they’re different. The bellow has gone, and with it the terror. You can now drive an AMG without ear defenders and nappies. And this means you can concentrate on what the utensils are like.. This is not necessarily a bad thing. Because, typically, what happens when a Far Eastern country starts exporting cars to the West is you get a substandard product with a price that’s so low, no one really cares that it’s held together with wallpaper paste and has an engine that sounds as if it’s running on gravel.. At the next set of lights exactly the same thing happened again. And so at the third set I made sure it didn’t stall by summoning 3,000 revs and setting off nice and gently. This made the whole of Notting Hill smell of frazzled clutch.. When I first moved to London, during the war – with Argentina, that is – Knightsbridge was a quite genteel place full of old ladies and sausage dogs. It was an oasis of calm in the centre of that magnificent 1980s whirlwind. It isn’t any more. Now it’s one of the noisiest places on earth.. Inside? Well, the back bench slithers backwards and forwards – a nice touch – but you don’t get satnav as standard, which seems a bit mean. The worst thing, however, is the visibility. The pillars, the headrests and the door mirrors all seem to conspire to make everything outside disappear. You could easily run over a cyclist in this vehicle and simply not know it had happened.. So go ahead. Buy the Golf GTI. It’s much better value. And a better car. But you will have to drive it with your fingers crossed.22 December 2013.