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  class Trouble {};. For convenience,HasPointers uses theMyData class as a handle to the two pointers. Whenever it’s time to allocate more memory, whether during construction or assignment, the firstclone function is ultimately called to do the job. If memory fails for the first call to thenew operator, abad_alloc exception is thrown automatically. If it happens on the second allocation (fortheInts), we have to clean up the memory fortheString—hence the firsttry block that catches abad_alloc exception. The secondtry block isn’t crucial here because we’re just copyingints and pointers (so no exceptions will occur), but whenever you copy objects, their assignment operators can possibly cause an exception, in which case everything needs to be cleaned up. In both exception

handlers, notice that werethrow the exception. That’s because we’re just managing resources here; the user still needs to know that something went wrong, so we let the exception propagate up the dynamic chain. Software libraries that don’t silently swallow exceptions are calledexception neutral. Always strive to write libraries that are both exception safe and exception neutral.[6].       }.     exit(EXIT_FAILURE);.   string part[BUFNUM];.   void f() {.   void f() {}.       // Grow array store. #include. }. } ///:~. template. class WaxOff : public Runnable {.   }.   }.

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