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Computer Commands emacs repeat command

Chapter 3. 2.6 Canceling Commands and Undoing Changes. This is the right command, so we don’t have to pressM-p to see a previous command. If we wanted to, we could change the query-replace strings before pressingEnter. In this case, the Marketing Department has once again changed the product’s name from HealthBug (since bug could be construed as pest) to HealthBot (neutral, but a bit less descriptive in our opinion). Our earlier query replace changed Whirligig to HealthBug. We need to modify this command so it replacesBug withBot.. These commands make it easy to solve a lot of organizational problems. If you often think, “I know I’m writing about widgets, but I can’t remember the bigger point I’m trying to make,” typeC-c C-u to get to the next higher level of the outline. If you want to figure out how widgets relate to the other topics within the section, useC-c C-b andC-c C-f to move backward and forward to your other headings.. Installing CEDET is fairly straightforward if you have amake command available. (For Windows users, you’ll want to have the Cygnus Unix Distribution installed. It gives you access to a large subset of Unix tools which will come in handy far beyond the installation of the JDEE.). В В (expand-file-name “/usr/local/emacs/site-lisp/jde/lisp”)). В В ;; custom-set-faces was added by Custom.. Two important comments concerning.emacs files are in order. First, if you are inserting code into your.emacs file, you may end up putting in something that causes Emacs to fail or behave strangely. If this happens, you can invoke Emacs without running your.emacs file: simply invoke Emacs with the command-line option-q, and Emacs will not run your.emacs file. (Chapter 13 gives instructions for starting Emacs from the command-line on Windows and Mac OS X.) You can then examine the file to figure out what went wrong.. The first thing to realize is that you will often need to use functions that are already accessible as keyboard commands. You can use these by finding out what their function names are via theC-h k (fordescribe-key) command (seeChapter 14). This gives the command’s full documentation, as opposed toC-h c (fordescribe-key-briefly), which gives only the command’s name. Be careful: in a few cases, some common keyboard commands require an argument when used as Lisp functions. An example isforward-word; to get the equivalent of typingM-f, you have to use(forward-word 1).. В В В В (“%author%” . user-full-name). В В “” _ ““). $tar xvzf emacs-21.n.tar.gz. 5.В And assuming that went well, you can install it. But you’ll have to do that as an administrator. Fortunately that’s easy to do in the Terminal window. Just run this command:. TableВ A-7.В Completion (Chapter 14)VariableDefaultDescriptioncompletion-auto-helptIf non-nil, provide help if a completion (viaTab orEnter in minibuffer) is invalid or ambiguous.completion-ignored-extensions(seeChapter 14)List of filename suffixes Emacs ignores when completing filenames (for example,~).completion-ignore-casenilIf non-nil, ignore case distinctions when doing completion.. Experienced Lisp programmers should note that Emacs Lisp does not supply standard contractions likecadr,cdar, and so on..