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Debian has a database including all developers registered with the project, and their relevant information (address, telephone, geographical coordinates such as longitude and latitude, etc.). Some information (first and last name, country, username within the project, IRC username, GnuPG key, etc.) are public and available on the Web.. Looking at the man page for thealien command, you will also note that this program also handles other packaging formats, especially those from the Slackware distribution (they are a simple tar.gz archive).. Theapt-cache command can do keyword-based package searches withapt-cache searchkeyword. It can also display the headers of the package’s available versions withapt-cache showpackage. This command provides the package’s description, its dependencies, the name of its maintainer, etc. Note thataptitude search andaptitude show work in the same way.. In this section, we will focus on upgrading a Lenny system to Squeeze. This is a major operation on a system; as such, it is never 100% risk-free, and should not be attempted before all important data has been backed up.. Description: Non-linear editor for Digital Video data. DEBIAN POLICY Register a server ininetd.conf. Making backups is one of the main responsibilities of any administrator, but it is a complex subject, involving powerful tools which are often difficult to master.. alias_database = hash:/etc/aliases. Prudence therefore recommends including in the white list all the trusted servers from which many emails are usually received.. /dev/mapper/vg_critical-lv_files. $ virt-viewer –connect qemu+ssh://root@server/system. REJECT: reject the packet with an ICMP error packet (the –reject-withtype option toiptables allows selecting the type of error);. -> Current computers are powerful enough to allow hosting several services on the same physical machine. From an economic viewpoint, such a possibility is interesting: only one computer to administrate, lower energy consumption, and so on. From the security point of view, however, such a choice can be a problem. One compromised service can bring access to the whole machine, which in turn compromises the other services hosted on the same computer. This risk can be mitigated by isolating the services. This can be attained either with virtualization (each service being hosted in a dedicated virtual machine), or with SELinux (each service daemon having an adequately designed set of permissions)..