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A“flamewar” is an exceedingly impassioned debate, which frequently ends up with people attacking each other once all reasonable argumentation has been exhausted on both sides. Certain themes are more frequently subject to polemics than others (for example, the choice of text editor, “do you prefervi oremacs?”). The matters often provoke very rapid e-mail exchanges due to the sheer number of people with an opinion on the matter (everyone) and the very personal nature of such questions.. They must also verify the licenses of all new packages, in order to ensure that Debian may distribute them, prior to including them in the corpus of existing packages. When a developer wishes to remove a package, they address this team through the bug tracking system and the“pseudo-package” or the choice not to use it, and therefore leave it unchanged.. Originally there was only one source package format. This is the 1.0 format, which associates an .orig.tar.gz archive to a .diff.gz“debianization” patch (there is also a variant, consisting of a single .tar.gz archive, which is automatically used if no .orig.tar.gz is available).. /.. coreutils: /bin/date. Depending on the application, the .d directory is used directly or managed by an external script which will concatenate all the files to create the configuration file itself. It is important to execute the script after any change in that directory so that the most recent modifications are taken into account. In the same way, it is important not to work directly in the configuration file created automatically, since everything would be lost at the next execution of the script. Choosing one method (.d directory used directly or a file generated from that directory) is usually imposed by implementation constraints, but in both cases the gains in terms of configuration flexibility more than make up for the small complications that they entail. The Exim 4 mail server is an example of the generated file method: it can be configured through several files (/etc/exim4/conf.d/*) which are

concatenated into /var/lib/exim4/config.autogenerated by theupdate-exim4.conf command.. $ export MODULE_LOC=~/kernel/modules. Debian distributes some of these patches in linux-patch-* or kernel-patch-* packages (for instance, linux-patch-grsecurity2, which tightens some of the kernel’s security policies). These packages install files in the /usr/src/kernel-patches/ directory.. GOING FURTHER Special configurations. Quality of Service (orQoS for short) refers to a set of techniques that guarantee or improve the quality of the service provided to applications. The most popular such technique involves classifying the network traffic into categories, and differentiating the handling of traffic according to which category it belongs in. The main application of this differentiated services concept istraffic shaping, which limits the data transmission rates for connections related to some services and/or hosts so as not to saturate the available bandwidth and starve important other services. Traffic shaping is a particularly good fit for TCP traffic, since this protocol automatically adapts to available bandwidth.. Such an attack is sometimes“distributed”; this usually involves overloading the server with large numbers of queries coming from many different sources so that the server becomes unable to answer the legitimate queries. These types of attacks have gained well-known acronyms: DoS and DDoS (depending on whether the denial of service attack is distributed or not).. verify_sigs = 0. /tmp/: temporary files; this directory is often emptied at boot;. /usr/: applications; this directory is further subdivided into bin, sbin, lib (according to the same logic as in the root directory). Furthermore, /usr/share/ contains architecture-independent data. /usr/local/ is meant to be used by the administrator for installing applications manually without overwriting files handled by the packaging system (dpkg)..

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