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-> -> # dpkg -i man-db_2.5.7-4_i386.deb. A“new feature” (available since Etch) is that APT can now download the changes since the previous update, as opposed to the entire file. To achieve this, official Debian mirrors distribute different files which list the differences between one version of the Packages file and the following version. They are generated at each update of the archives and a history of one week is kept. Each of these “diff” files only takes a few dozen kilobytes for Unstable, so that the amount of data downloaded by a weeklyaptitude update is often divided by 10. For distributions like Stable and Testing, which change less, the gain is even more noticeable.. Pin-Priority: -10. 8.3.1. Name Resolution. The Internet, and most LANs that are connected to it, operate in packet mode and not in connected mode, meaning that a packet issued from one computer to another is going to be stopped at several intermediary routers to find its way to its destination. You can still simulate a connected operation where the stream is encapsulated in normal IP packets. These packets follow their usual route, but the stream is reconstructed unchanged at the destination. We call this a“tunnel”, analogous to a road tunnel in which vehicles drive directly from the entrance (input) to the exit (output) without encountering any intersections, as opposed to a path on the surface that would involve intersections and changing direction.. For most cases, these settings are very simple; only a few important variables in the configuration file are changed. These variables are often grouped between two“demarcation” lines so that reconfiguration of the package only impacts the enclosed area. In other cases, reconfiguration will not change anything if the script detects a manual modification of the configuration file, in order to preserve these human interventions (because the script can’t ensure that its own modifications will not disrupt the existing settings).. tcp6       0      0 :::22                   :::*                    LISTEN      2224/sshd.         check_policy_service inet: Two extra shares, and their associated directories, were also created:.  Failed Devices : 1. KMail. KDE provides Kopete (in the package).. The simplest IPC system is to use files. The process that wishes to send data writes it into a file (with a name known in advance), while the recipient only has to open the file and read its contents..