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debian can’t install sudo debian find file

This short description is included in theNAME section at the beginning of all manual pages.. Sadly,webmin is no longer part of Debian since Etch. Its Debian maintainer— Jaldhar H. Vyas — removed the packages he created because he no longer had the time required to maintain them at an acceptable quality level. Nobody has officially taken over, so Squeeze does not have thewebmin package.. 9.11. Hot Plugging:hotplug. TCP and UDP both involve ports, which are“extension numbers” for establishing communication with a given application on a machine. This concept allows keeping several different communications in parallel with the same correspondent, since these communications can be distinguished by the port number.. …………..+…….+……………………………++*++*++*. 111/tcp open  rpcbind. # password database type you are using.. One would be forgiven for wondering how this is better than simply mirroring on three disks to start with. The advantage of the“spare disk” configuration is that the spare disk can be shared across several RAID volumes. For instance, one can have three mirrored volumes, with redundancy assured even in the event of one disk failure, with only seven disks (three pairs, plus one shared spare), instead of the nine disks that

would be required by three triplets.. We could have set up one RAID-1 volume only, to serve as a physical volume for vg_raid. Why create three of them, then?. iface eth0 inet dhcp. 13.3.2. KDE. These statistics can also help choose between two packages that would seem otherwise equivalent. Choosing the more popular package increases the probability of making a good choice.. #. The process with PID 1876 executed the operation (or tried to execute it).. The APT suite checks a chain of cryptographic signatures on the packages it handles before installing them (and has done so since Etch), in order to ensure their authenticity (see Section 6.5, “Checking Package Authenticity”). Private APT archives can then be a problem, since the machines using them will keep displaying warnings about unsigned packages. A diligent administrator will therefore integrate private archives with the secure APT mechanism..

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