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Figure 4.8. Disk to use for guided partitioning. IN PRACTICE Shrinking a Windows partition.. iface eth0 inet static. Modems Supporting PPPOE. SECURITY VNC over SSH. The same effect can be obtained for IPv6 by simply replacing ipv4 with ipv6 in the manual command and using the net.ipv6.conf.all.forwarding line in /etc/sysctl.conf.. @       IN      A Obviously, the RAID level will be chosen according to the constraints and requirements of each application. Note that a single computer can have several distinct RAID arrays with different configurations.. # mdadm –detail /dev/md0. One might therefore wonder about the point of synchronising both disks at creation time. Why care whether the contents are identical on zones of the volume that we know will only be read after we have written to them?. # mount /dev/vg_normal/lv_backups /srv/backups. However, if Xen can rely on the hardware functions dedicated to virtualization (which are only present in more recent processors), even non-modified operating systems can run as domU (including Windows)..     up /usr/local/etc/arrakis.fw. Once the 3 files (example.if, example.fc, and example.te) match your expectations for the new rules, just runmake to generate a module in the example.pp file (you can immediately load it withsemodule -i example.pp). If several modules are defined,make will create all the corresponding .pp files.. Fake packages and meta-packages are similar, in that they are empty shells that only exist for the effects their meta-data have on the package handling stack..