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A Debian package is an archive containing all the files required to install a piece of software. It is generally a file with a .deb extension, and it can be handled with thedpkg command. Also calledbinary package, it contains files that can be directly used (such as programs or documentation). On the other hand, asource package contains the source code for the software and the instructions required for building the binary package.. /usr/share/man/ru/man8. All those updates are prepared in a repository known as proposed-updates. Anyone can use this repository to test those updates before their official publication. The extract below uses the squeeze-proposed-updates alias which is both more explicit and more consistent since lenny-proposed-updates also exists (for the Oldstable updates):. Description: Non-linear editor for Digital Video data. Once you have met those two conditions, you can think of describing your problem to the mailing list. Include as much relevant information as possible: various tests conducted, documentation consulted, how you attempted to diagnose the problem, the packages concerned or those that may be involved, etc. Check the Debian Bug Tracking System (BTS, described in sidebarTOOL Bug tracking system) for similar problems, and mention the results of that search, providing links to bugs found. BTS starts on:. The maintainer scripts for Debian packages will sometimes restart certain services to ensure their availability or get them to take certain options into account. The command that controls a service—/etc/init.d/serviceoperation— doesn’t take runlevel into consideration, assumes (wrongly) that the service is currently being used, and may thus initiate incorrect operations (starting a service that was deliberately stopped, or stopping a service that is already stopped, etc.). Debian therefore introduced theinvoke-rc.d program: this program must be used by maintainer scripts to run services initialization scripts and it will only execute the necessary commands. Note that, contrary to common usage, the .d suffix is used here in a program name, and not in a directory.. Redirecting incoming connections to the display manager solves the problem of authentication, because only users with local accounts will pass thegdm login screen (or equivalentkdm,xdm, etc.). As this operation allows multiple simultaneous logins without any problem (provided the server is powerful enough), it can even be used to provide complete desktops for mobile users (or for less powerful desktop systems, configured as thin clients). Users simply login to the server’s screen withvncviewerserver:50, because the port used is 5950.. To activate them in a filesystem, you have to indicate the usrquota and grpquota options in /etc/fstab for the user and group quotas, respectively. Rebooting the computer will then update the quotas in the absence of disk activity (a necessary condition for proper accounting of already used disk space).. The Falcot Corp administrators use this tool to create the required certificates, both for the server and the clients. This allows the configuration of all clients to be similar since they will only have to be set up so as to trust certificates coming from Falcot’s local CA. This CA is the first certificate to create; to this end, the administrators copy the directory containingeasy-rsa into a more appropriate location, preferably on a machine not connected to the network in order to mitigate the risk of the CA’s private key being stolen.. zone “” {. Every message has a sender, announced by the MAIL FROM command of the SMTP protocol; again, this information can be validated in several different ways.. NFS (Network File System) is a protocol allowing remote access to a filesystem through the network. All Unix systems can work with this protocol; when Windows systems are involved, Samba must be used instead.. Theslapd daemon also needs to be told to use these keys for encryption; this involves adding the following directives to the /etc/ldap/slapd.conf file:. ——————–. Despite the lack of official documentation for standard plugins, Munin does include detailed documentation on how plugins should behave, and how to develop new plugins..